Today started off really well… after a decent weigh in today (156lbs) and reading a few hours worth of blogs, I was feeling all inspired and get up and goey – so I went.
The lush of my life came too, and I ran slow enough to maintain a conversation, yet didn’t do my worst time ever, and by the time I got home I was feeling pretty pleased with myself.
I stretched afterwards, as I always do (but never before. Hey, it works for me!), and thought I’d try some pilates stretches I’d been shown in class on Wednesday, in the hope of improving my stretch. I went as far as I dare without overdoing it. Or so I thought…
About an hour later, was a twinge in my knee. The right one, which isn’t as bad (or is it?) as it’d be if it had been in the left one – which has previous for being dodgy. I shook it off, and about 4 hours later, sitting down on the bed if you please, felt like I had twisted it. It hurt to walk on, and feels like it doesn’t respond to commands – like there’s something not hooked up properly. Fuck it all. I’ve dropped some anti inflamatorys, ice packed it (and I NEVER ice!), and now some Deep Heat. I’ll strap it now that I know the Deep Heat isn’t going to eat through 8 layers of skin, and hope like hell it’s better by Monday.
Hell, I lost weight. I can’t afford not to exercise!
Nor can I afford to screw it even further, so it’s got until Monday. That’s it.


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