What travel lesson have I learnt the hard way?

A few probably.
1. Don’t panic. It solves nothing, and is a complete waste of time and effort – and often money. Relax. Breathe. Think. Even mothers missing in China where hardly anyone speaks English will return – purely because the taxi driver has no idea wtf to do with them!
2. There is no such thing as under packing. I continue to learn this lesson. The more you take, the less room you have to bring stuff home. Leave the sports gear at home. In 4 trips, you’ve been to the gym ONCE. If you really must – buy stuff o/s.
3. More than one type of currency – just in case. Doesn’t have to be much, but it’s helpful during stopovers.
4. Don’t get into the lift with a dodgy ass taxi driver in China. It’s illegal, and they know it. They’re out to rip you off. Count on it 🙂
5. Carry medication with you.
6. Vodka kills headlice. But you have to pour it on your head, not just drink it.
7. Make sure you know the airports before you get there, and have enough time to meet connecting flights. One of my nightmares, and never come to fruition – thank fuck. Come damn close though!
8. Ain’t no bastard going to carry your bags for you honey – best you learn to do them yourself…


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