Another week over. TFFT.

Went to the Doc on Monday about my knee – she’s booked me in for an ultrasound and an xray – just in case. Naturally ever since I went it’s been nothing but fine. Fuck I hate that. But I’m going to go anyway – just in case.

Been taking it pretty easy this week. Monday was nothing, Tues did boxing at lunchtime, Wed Pilates (which didn’t kill me – surprise surprise!), and that’s it really. The leg feels good enough to go for a little waddle on at least, but I’m enjoying lying flat on my back on the puter listening to the birds outside being excited cos it rained last night.

My eyes are feeling all buggy though, I may take an antihistamine. And I really should get up and make a coffee. And maybe some breakfast.

Today, 154.2, and I’m happy with that. Despite feeling like it’s not moving at all for weeks, it actually is, and I’m way happy with that. It took years to go on, it’ll take years to come off. One lady I follow on Tumblr has been losing weight for 4 years. I am hoping I won’t have to wait that long till I’m at my comfy place – which, incidentally, doesn’t really have a weight or a date. I’m just going to keep going till I’m done.


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