I finally managed to go for a run!

Okay, so it wasn’t earth shattering, but I did it. After two whole weeks of being careful and taking it easy, I went for a waddle yesterday morning. And I liked it so much, I went again yesterday afternoon.
And hopefull, I’ll be able to go again tonight! Not counting on it – it’s very humid, so it’d be slow as buggery, but I’d like to try it. Unfortunately the lush of my life has homework to do, so he’ll be busy. He’s very busy atm with displacement activities (I know what he’s going through, I’d rather have done housework than work on my presentation for tomorrow!), so he’ll either need a break by then, or if he hasn’t done enough – I’ll go without him.
New week this week. Job change again for me and I’m not looking forward to this one. It means I lose what little independance I had as the hierarchy will be watching my every move like a hawk. It’s not like I bludged all day, but it’s nice just to be able to say ‘You know what? I don’t feel like doing that right now, so I’ll do it tomorrow and shop for a new car in the meantime’. No more of that for me unfortunately. *sigh* At least the job shall be a new challenge – which I will learn to embrace or perish!


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