And another day passes…

I didn’t want to go for a run tonight – I was tired and cranky after starting a long day at 4am after yet another crap nights sleep, it was hot (it’s always hot. only the humidity varies.), and my knee was sore (unknown – perhaps I crossed my legs at some stage?) – PLUS I’ve already done 6 days, surely I can rest for ONE???

The lush of my life wanted to go. He looked worse than I did, and he still wanted to go. 100K in a month? Wasn’t that his bloody idea in the first place? Didn’t I say ‘Challenge accepted’ in a public arena? So I had a teaspoon of HTFU, rubbed some tiger balm into my knee, and off we went.

I knew he was tired, cos he kept up with me. Normally, that’s a bad enough thing in itself, but today I decided to start the 5K plan I’ve loaded off miCoach (yes, I know they shit me to tears. But it’s so COMFY!), and there was a lot of ‘blue zone’ running – aka the kind of pace you feel bad for being that slow, and wish your shirt said: ‘I’m not running slow, I’m training for an ultra!’- so it was UBER slow for him. And if that wasn’t bad enough, once we’d cooled down, I did some pilates – the same exercise that I started and abandoned the other day. And it was still tough. But – I made it all the way through (okay, so I suck at it, but everyone has to start somewhere, right???), and then he gave it a go. He’d said he would do it with me next time, after my first effort when I said how sore it was but how good I thought it would be, and he did. No prompting required.

I’m so lucky to have someone in my life who tolerates – nay, EMBRACES- my follies and foibles. He cooks and eats quinoa and lentils, runs with me and lets me cry on his shoulder when the scales hate me, without being patronising or condescending. Okay, so he’s probably just really, really good at pretending he’s interested, but that works for me.

He’s the bestest bestershischist ever.


Where to start?

It was turning out to be such a crap month…  with the crappy knee and the crappy sickness and just general crap…

It’s not actually got much better, but at least now I’m doing something, which makes me feel a little better about myself at any rate. While I can’t change everything, I can at least be keeping my self in check – I guess 🙂

I’ve managed to run every day for 6 days in a row, and the lush of my life and I have begun a Km101 challenge – 100 kilometres in one month. The distance isn’t impossible, but it will take some dedication, which I’ve been lacking of late, so I’m looking forward to it.

I managed to get a new PR on my BFA run today – 2.4K in 13 minutes flat. While not earth shattering for some, for this black duck it is a huge goal of mine that I never really thought I’d crack. Only a year ago, just passing in 15:30 was a great feat, and anything under that was a bonus. I can’t help wondering how much the assessment I ran yesterday for the miCoach helped today, which would be karma as I recall thinking ‘what a waste of time that was’ once I found my average pace for the assessment was the same I’d normally run. Mentally, I can’t comprehend the fact that I walked a good 3 minutes as part of the test, so the fact that I felt like I’d run my little ass off really *meant* I’d run my little ass off! Feeling a little more inspired to try the training programs now, in case it was that rather than sheer dumb ass luck – despite giving the man talking in my ear the flick many months ago as being too controlling, and fucking with my chi.

Today the run was amazing, in that I ran a good pace – I ran, not waddled – and although I don’t believe I ran hard (as opposed to yesterday’s assessment where I was breathing like a chainsaw!), I had my best time yet.

So today I will bask in the glow of knowing I did a good job, and tomorrow morning I will get up early and do some pilates before work, seeming as I have no PT. I tried it yesterday, and decided that due to the BFA today I was better off not straining my arms too much, which was a good call on my part – I managed 15 push ups, and they were harder than they should’ve been. So given that I did so little pilates yesterday and yet can feel it so much today, means that it must be a good thing. I hope so – I’d like to get my core strength happening, as it’s just going to get harder as I get older.

I’d like to have a belly, so I can get my belly button pierced 🙂


Am currently waiting for one of the medical fraternity to tell me I’m sick and to go home. In 50 mins, they’ve called one person. Actually I’m kind’ve grateful that I’m not seriously ill- but if I was, they wouldve seen me by now. Jerks.
Have been up for the most part since 2 am, and a lot of getting up close and personal with the toilet- shall we leave it at that?
More annoyed that I won’t get my run in today, but i’ll put in extra once I can get outside again (if you catch my drift)… Grumbles. And not just my stomach…

I’m a bit angry. And a bit disappointed. And a bit pleased.

It’s just been one of THOSE weeks at work… and the micoach website is still down (along with adidas – assholes), so I can’t even log my runs. I spose I could through daily mile, but then I have to convert and I’m feeling SO lazy atm. *sigh*

Plus the stupid bank wouldn’t give me a stupid car loan. I didn’t bother asking why, I’ll go somewhere else, and take the lush of my life with me. Oh, and change that bank account so my pay isn’t going into it either. That’ll fuckem. 🙂

And I’m a bit pleased cos the weight is moving again – seems to be month on, month off. As long as thetrend is downward – I know, I know – but sometimes it gets damn frustrating. I have been so good this week, it’s nice for it to be paying off. Tomorrow is weigh in day, so I’ll not bore you here… hehe


Christmas is coming!

Right now I’m thinking about how Christmas in my family (as in many others I’m sure!) tends to revolve around eating a lot. This year it’s a bit harder, now that we’re on the healthy bandwagon, plus there’s a lot of items we just don’t eat anymore – so how to deal with that?
I’ve decided to do a bit of meal planning, and make the meal preparation the focus of the day. There will still be plenty of food, but not gluttonous amounts of what I’d consider ‘bad choices’… and there’s still going to be some of those too!
We’ll have to start with nibblies. I’ll need to look into those a bit more, as I’m not used to doing them – maybe vegetable sticks and dip? Soup… will try something new I think, I’m used to having soup as a main, and it really needs to complement the whole menu, so that’ll take some looking up. The lush has requested a ham, which the excess can be frozen for lunches etc, and I would like a roast something – we’ll be looking to buy that online… deserts, well, we’re likely to have two. Just because someone doesn’t like rasins in his apple pie while someone else does. At the least, it’ll mean two pies :). There will be some extra nuts and some gummi fruits in there too – just cos it’s Christmas!
So hopefully, we can have a fun family day without going too crazy. I’m actually really looking forward to it now – and not focusing what I can’t eat, but rather what I can.