I’m a bit angry. And a bit disappointed. And a bit pleased.

It’s just been one of THOSE weeks at work… and the micoach website is still down (along with adidas – assholes), so I can’t even log my runs. I spose I could through daily mile, but then I have to convert and I’m feeling SO lazy atm. *sigh*

Plus the stupid bank wouldn’t give me a stupid car loan. I didn’t bother asking why, I’ll go somewhere else, and take the lush of my life with me. Oh, and change that bank account so my pay isn’t going into it either. That’ll fuckem. 🙂

And I’m a bit pleased cos the weight is moving again – seems to be month on, month off. As long as thetrend is downward – I know, I know – but sometimes it gets damn frustrating. I have been so good this week, it’s nice for it to be paying off. Tomorrow is weigh in day, so I’ll not bore you here… hehe



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