I have had the most fantastic weekend – it’s been so relaxing and unwinding, that I feel like I’ve had a whole month off work… so much so, that when I started to wake up at 5am I thought it was a work day – huzzah for having another day off!!

We got our tax back last week, which was a marked improvement on having to pay them last year (a big shout out to tax agents who actually give a damn!), so yesterday I ordered us a pair of shoes each, and two new running bras for me. In Australia, one pair of shoes is around $160, and the bras you can’t even buy. I had brought them from the states for $45 (plus $60 postage!), but not from Amazon. All up, I’m paying $220 for the four items, plus postage. And that, dear readers, is why they want internet sales in Australia banned. We’ll leave then – having the censorship noone asked for is bad enough… how come it’s not a crime against humanity when the country is supposedly ‘democratic’?


Yesterday we went for a little waddle, and some pilates afterwards. The lush of my life has back troubles, and has finally found a chiropractor that tells him to do exercises, rather than just collect the money for visits – and funnily enough, those exercises are pilates moves! The back of my shoulders are hurting this morning from doing an ‘oil rig’ move – unfortunately it’s too deep for my elbows, so I’ll have to adapt it… that crunching noise you hear? That’s NOT doing you good.

Today I’d like to do the same again, maybe run for a bit longer. I’m enjoying seeing my body change, cos the scales certainly aren’t – and that’s cool, as long as I know that SOMETHING is happening! Also time to get into meal planning and lunch making again. That should help them moving down again I hope… hehehe


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