All in all, a good week :)

The running has been going well – I’m doing about 4K per day, plus 5 mins of pilates at the end of it (and yes, even with that little amount I’m noticing differences, that’s why I’ll try and keep it up!) – and so’s the eating.

For the most part. Yesterday I will admit I indulged in 2 doughnuts from Krispy Kreme (my 2nd and 3rd this year (I *think*), so it’s not like it’s a habit); my favourite is strawberry, then I had a half a chocolate topped chocolate doughnut, and half a round one with some sweet stuff inside (not custard though). I enjoyed them very much, and surprisingly, I wanted to go back and eat more (DAMN HIM for buying a box!), but I didn’t. I let myself have these treats when they are available and when I feel like them, but I’m not going to eat them just for the sake of eating them. I’m just greatful there’s no Krispy Kreme shop at the airport here!!

Oh, and I had half a martini. And I stopped at that half – and so did he – so that was a big win for me. Didn’t particularly notice the effect (which was great considering how crap I felt last time – maybe the doughnuts and sugar helped??), but I did drop off to sleep a little earlier. Unfortunately I’m also awake at 2am again, but at least that’s within my ‘normal’ range!

Hopefully today will pass quickly, I’ll get knocked off at lunch, and then I can go do those things that I need to do. :))

Will plan for a long run this weekend, we’ll see how that monsoon looks though – there was a huge lightening storm the other evening, and people got trapped in lifts all over town – very scary!


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