Today is my first day of hols!

And I’ve been soooo looking forward to it… that I’ll probably have to go into work this morning to do what should’ve been done before I left yesterday (earlier than usual, and still 2 hours after everyone else!), and to double check on things seeming as there’s a pending cyclone in the area. I don’t mind, it’s what we do – that’s why we get paid the big bucks. hehe

And EXERCISE! Today, I will exercise. I would like to fit in: a run, some cardio, some pilates, the 8 min ab challenge that I’m challenged to do for 3 weeks, squash (or tennis, depending on weather and inclination at the time), as well as christmas shopping, christmas biscuit/cookie ingredient shopping, cyclone prep, cyclone shopping, booking flights for my mother, checking out a car yard, and the aforementioned going into work (just for a BIT).

Yay for holidays!!


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