Nearly 30lbs gone!

That’s quite amazing… I had no idea it was so much. Mentally, I’m still bigger… I automatically grab bigger clothes, and even when I *had* to buy a smaller pair of shorts (cos the already smaller pair is starting to fall off – sounds dramatic, but isn’t), I thought ‘I can’t fit these!’ And I did. Easily. Hopefully my brain will catch up eventually… 

I just logged my weight after 6 weeks of thinking nothing was happening, and it’s going down. Ever so slowly, but down it’s going. I actually think that drinking alcohol has more to do with losing weight than I ever realised. I mean hell, I ate an icecream yesterday. And bread for two days in a row (two slices, whole grain of course – usually I only eat 2 slices a week, if that!), and only half a martini in two weeks. I’m going to stick to my guns and see what happens.

Breakfast time now. Seeming as I had a mega early dinner yesterday, I’m having oats and papaya for breakfast. Om nom nom! Will send photo. xxxx 


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