It’s quite funny

I think I’ve started off the new year really well, and I’m very pleased with myself… then I realise that it’s only Jan 3rd, and I’ve only just woken up. How is it that the year feels like it’s at least two weeks in already?!?

I’ve managed to run twice – The Race Epic on Jan 1, and another 5K last night – I did the beginner Pilates on New Years Day, but none yesterday. I really feel like I should get up and do some now, but I need to feel caffeine coursing through my veins first! Another week off work, which is just absolute bliss for me… unfortunately the lush of my life appears to have picked up the flu during his last trip down south the other day. Nose, ears, throat, aches, pains and temperature. Poor darling! It seems to be progressing at a rapid rate of knotts (as in 24hrs ago he had a ‘bit of a sore throat’), so I’m hoping (crossing fingers and toes!!) that he’ll be through the worst of it today and on the mend. He’s pretty damn healthy atm, so he’s got that in his favour, and yes, I’m biting my tongue as I write!.

There’s a couple of things I’d like to put on my wish list this year: 

  • The local Pilates class on Tuesday nights. One of the other ladies at work has been in the past and said she’d like to go again, so I will have company. I’m a shy, retiring creature at heart you see…
  • Orienteering. There’s a local club I’ve only just found out about (the thing in Australia I’ve found, is that no town knows how to market themselves properly, everything is buried and hidden!) who have a ‘try before you buy’ type day on 26 Jan (aka ‘Invasion Day’), so I might drag the lush along to that too. Both of us have limited compass skills over such fine distances (we don’t have a problem with back bearings or calling in air support, it’s just that there’s little requirement for the finer compass work in our jobs – we’re not humping around by foot!), so I think it’s a good opportunity for us to improve our skills, meet people (okay. to grunt and nod in the general direction of people other than those we work with!), and get out of the damn house!
  • Meditation. I think the time is right. I’ve been loathe to meditate in the past, as I don’t like being vulnerable… the senses are either switched off, or inward looking, and if they’re not looking out…!! I downloaded an app to my iPhone (pathetic? we’ll see.), plus one for tai chi, so I’m going to give them a go. I’ve had no luck finding a tai chi place in Darwin, which is odd given there’s a fair few Chinese here – it’s probably an underground movement! Anyhoo, perhaps it will help with my shitty sleep pattern. Anything’s worth a try I guess.


We’re supposed to be picking up the new car today… but I don’t know if that will happen. There’s always tomorrow… well. Usually a tomorrow… (sorry, a bit maudlin – one of the guys from running club died from a brain tumour on NYD – he was 49, and he’d had it for 2 years… Although I didn’t know him personally, being relatively close in age makes me realise that each day is precious. Maybe instead of feeling sad, I should enjoy today instead. Okay, I know I should, but it’s not that simple. Perhaps that’s what I need to focus on 🙂


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