For the love of anything… how do I stop myself from being down on the scales being heavier today?

I ate very well yesterday, tyvm. The only ‘dubious’ foods may be a banana, and three Ryvita crackers. Everything else was fine, and no way overboard. I did 20 mins of Pilates, 40 pushups in 1:49, skipped for 3 mins and ran 4K. I think I drank plenty of fluids; although I stopped keeping track of drinking ages ago, I generally know when I haven’t been having enough, and yesterday was not one of those days.

So how is it that I am heavier?

Well, I’m feeling the workouts I did yesterday – my upper back and arms are feeling stong (it’s not a’ hurt’, and not really a ‘tight’, more of an ‘awareness they’re there’, so ‘strong’ will do!), so *maybe* it’s muscle.

Why am I worrying about 300g?
Oh, I don’t know. In the grand scheme of things it’s pretty pathetic. It’s just disappointing to know you’re doing things right, and it doesn’t work. First world problem? Absolutely!

What am I doing about it?
I think ‘nothing’ sounds like an option. I’ve a mind to do things exactly the same as yesterday, minus the Ryvita and banana, but then again it sounds a little obsessive, and I think I really don’t want to head down that path (oh, but I will go there if you don’t come off weight!! *shakes fist at the sky*)

Am I going to let it screw up my day?
Nope. After realising that there are way more things in life I should be concerned with other than a paltry 300g, and that there was nothing yesterday I would do differently (oh fuck it. If I’d’ve known I’d be heavier, I would’ve eaten that bloody tomato and onion sandwich I wanted for lunch!), I shall just continue on with my life.

(but it’s bloody infuriating. Maybe it was the rice from two days ago. Does that happen??)


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