10 January, 2012 12:33

Hokay. I have some ideas, and will see how they go…
I’m going to try and eat only one piece of fruit per day.
Lay off the bread for a week. Don’t think it’ll make much diff, but I’m definitely up from 2 pcs a week, and a wrap. In my defence, it WAS Christmas! No more ryvitas or vitawheats regardless of how many damn grains they have in them, whole or otherwise… I’m going to take up soy yoghurt again for my afternoon tea snack.
I’m also going to attempt to get my evening veges up to two cups. This may even require me getting off my ass and helping with dinner, so it’s a pretty extreme option for me- unfortunately cutting down on my readily available source of carbs ( my breakkie oats!!) means I need to pick them up somewhere.

I wonder if my runs this week would’ve been so hard if I’d been eating carbs? Well, we’ll see, won’t we?


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