Some people annoy me. Okay. That’s a lie. A lot of people annoy me.

The Townsville Bulletin (a regional Queensland daily paper) had an article in it today – about a woman who wanted to build a support network for her overweight 13yr old son – HERE

The comments received annoyed me – that she should be more disciplined with him and stop buying junk food, that there are hardly any overweight people in Townsville (and I beg to differ!), that they should walk for half an hour twice a day, and another that she should put him in sporting clubs.

Armchair experts piss me off. She asked for help, not lectures. I think it’s a fantastic idea what she’s trying to do, and sure there are plenty of options out there for her, but I think that having the network underlying it all before you start is the best way to go. Hell, every one of us have down days and need a little uplift, inspiration and encouragement every now and then. There is plenty of stuff written out there on the interwebs, and once you know where you’re safe looking (ie. no ‘wonder diets’ here pls. kthx), then you can get the information you need to make your own informed decisions.

So I wrote and told her so.

If I was there, I’d take him for some exercise. (I never realised I had that cruel PT teacher streak in me. I’d better have a rest…)


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