Wednesdays? Ugh. I hate em.

Today was just a big bleh from start to finish.

Woke up to a thunderstorm far too early – 0415 – and didn’t get back to sleep. By the time I got to work it was raining (and cold rain, very abnormal for here), and there was no way I was going out to do circuits in it. I don’t do lightning. And I hate wet feet. So, I did nothing… oh, except get the munchies. By lunchtime I had a headache, and I ate a hamburger cos I was at the shop. Then I ate my lunch, which was stew. I didn’t do any exercise because I was feeling angry and sorry for myself at the same time. I should’ve gone. *sigh*

After work, 4 painkillers dulled my head, and I really felt the need to get out and run, plus the lush of my life needed to clear his head, so we went to running club. As his 12yr old daughter was with us, we did the 2K track. She caned me. Do you have ANY idea how crap I feel after that? My only consolation is thinking if I weighed as much as she does, I’d run a lot faster too. She did really well, but… FML.

So, the kids got KFC for dinner. And I ate some chips. And then I had a bowl of soup. I’m not even fucking hungry, so I don’t know why I do it. I should just listen to my body – it will tell me when it’s hungry again. Needless to say, I am mega pissed with my gutless performance today, and know that I’m going to pay (and pay hard) tomorrow.

This has been a post.


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