Thursday is over!

And a much better day than yesterday… must be the alignment of the stars or some such, but I felt in a better mood, and better physically, than yesterday – despite having my deep sleep interrupted by the daughters boyfriend turning up on the doorstep due to locking himself out of his unit. Oh well, ce la vie.

 Went for a little waddle this morning to shake out the cobwebs, and did 5K without thinking too much about it. I like that distance, it’s comfy. It was slow – like halfa speed slow, but I wasn’t out to impress anyone. That killed my eating frenzy from yesterday, and I did pretty good today. I did have a little two pack of biscuits around afternoon tea time, but in my defence, I did turn down a piece of cherry chocolate gateau earlier in the day (my fav, I might add!). For lunch I had some carrot/sweet potato miso soup made last night (I ate it cold. Yup, I’m *that* lazy), and dinner was ‘spag bol’, made with buckwheat pasta. Considering I said I wasn’t hungry half an hour before, I inhaled the first bowl, then steamed some beans to go with the second bowl. I don’t know what he did to it, but it was delicious!

I was planning on having some yoghurt and berries for dessert, but I think tonight I’m going to listen to my body – and right now, it’s telling me it’s FULL!

Hopefully the scales will like me a bit more tomorrow, seeming as it’s weigh in day.


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