And in other news:

I am now part of the triathlon team at work! We have compulsory sports on Tue and Thurs, and must align ourselves with a sanctioned activity – unfortunately in my line of work the chances of me having to work are about 50/50, so it’s unfair to let a team down. We office types like to run, because we can do it as an individual or as a group, for as long or as short as we want, and when we found out the tri team was points based, we were in!

Apparently there are plenty of people who don’t swim or don’t ride, and I guess there will be some odd sods that don’t run, so they distribute points for the activity you do, and the individual points contribute to the team score. I thought it was a fantastic idea – it gives you motivation without making you feel bad for having to work through, and lets you be part of a team anyway! I was planning on swimming tomorrow, but the boss said I have to work.

So I said ‘Fine. I’ll run during my lunch break.’

(I’m also contemplating a new bike when I get back from my field trip in July. I think the lush of my life would like me to go as fast as him. He’s so sweet!)


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