I’m pretty pleased with myself today…

only because of my BFA this morning… I decided to try and do more than just the bare minimum today, and I’m glad I did. My pushups were 9 more than my previous best, my situps – good god. I don’t know when I last did 80 (I spose I must’ve done that many somewhere :), and my run!! After 3 weeks of doing SFA, I made my time 12 seconds shorter! Hell, I would’ve been stoked if I’d managed 13 minutes again, and had no idea I was going so fast.

I’m still getting used to the idea that:

a) I’m not the slowest person anymore, and

b) I can actually overtake people who are not dead yet younger and skinnier than me.


So, that’s why I’m pleased today. Tomorrow, I’ll have to deal with the diet dood and why I’m heavier than when I left, and why I’ve eaten 5 pcs of bread today. *sigh*. But today, I’m pleased.


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