We’re going to have weather today.

There’s a pending cyclone off the coast, which they’re guessing (okay, so they have degrees and it should be more than guessing. I just happen to believe that makes it ‘educated guessing’) will develop and cross later today/tonight. It’s currently 0236 here in gusty Darwin, and the wind/rain woke me up at 2. Hell, that’s my excuse and I’m running with it.

Yesterday at work we spent the day cyclone preping, and today we’ve got the day off. It’s easier to keep people at home than bring them in and have to send them home halfway through the day when the schools close, so the big kahuna made the call, I’m running with it. It’s a bit annoying though, because I will have been back at work for three days and haven’t done a lick of my real job – things don’t do themselves donchya know??

Anyhoo – we’ve got plenty of prep at home to do, which will have to wait until it’s light. Hopefully the weather gods will be kind and keep it off until then so we can relash the pile of stuff downstairs and clean up the yard a little. Will also ready the area inside for the chickens should the need arise. Just in case!! Luckily we don’t need food or water – panic buying is such a bitch. Mind you, we did drop in for a few items yesterday after work and it really seemed to be quite normal. I’ll see if there’s anymore batteries hiding in the cupboard before I venture back to the shops though.

I really shouldn’t write at this time of the morning – it’s even more incoherent than usual!!


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