Sunday over already??

Well, that was a fun day! Started off by going for a 5k waddle this morning… For some reason I chose to do a workout rather than a free run, and it’s got me stuffed why, because I always find I’m disgruntled for some reason or another, and today it was TOO SLOW! I need to tweak my zones. Sounds self indulgent I know, but there you have it; my blue is too big and too slow, and my green not big enough. Bleh. Anyhoo, I kept going at the end of the 18 minutes and went for distance – I accidentally included that 100m I missed on yesterdays distance too!

While it was by no means spectacular, at least it was 5K under 30 mins. I want to do it in 28, but I’m still 4-500m off usually at that time. I’ll crack it by the end of the year – I hope!!


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