It’s been a very, very long two months.

To be eating badly and not exercising РI am feeling every damn day of it. 

ATM we’re home on two weeks R&R, and we’re lapping it up. The worst thing about it is that we have to go back and do it all again, but we I need to push that to the back of my mind and just enjoy the now for what it is – which is the best way to live.

As I’ve bleated in my Tumblr (and should’ve done so here… the words just went on and on and on!), the food has been bad for me. And while there’s a certain amount of ‘suck it’ that I had to do, I really believe that I could have been doing things better (chocolate sugar laden drinks. Really?), and I have plans in place for when I get back. It’s just so easy to be lazy out there – conservation of resources and all – but it’s not a war, it’s not ‘for real’, and yes, I can afford to miss a meal or two without fainting from hunger. As for exercise… I really miss it. Mentally as well as physically, and I need to lift my game up. All those things I said I was going to do, I’ve done maybe 4 days out there. Out of 45, that’s pretty bullshit.

So, it’s time to take control – again – and be a bit more responsible. Six more weeks is not so long compared with the next phase, so I am sure I can cope.

On the plus side, my eating has gone back to normal at home, which I thought it would. I want healthy foods, and snacks, and drink way more water again – so at the end of the day, it’s not ME that’s driving this crap, it’s the circumstance, which is very comforting. I can do better than I have been, and I will do better. Hell, even if I only do two lots of situps and pushups a day, it’s more than I’ve been doing. And if I write it down, then I’m¬†accountable. Right?