My thoughts on Tasmania…

even though we really only saw Hobart – and bits of it at that!

It was cold, which was to be expected, but it was also dreary, which was a bit of a shock. I grew up in New Zealand, and expected Tasmania to be a carbon copy of it, but with gum trees.

I was wrong.

Interestingly enough, the city of Hobart did remind me of parts of central Auckland, but overall, the city wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before – an odd opinion given that I’m hardly the worldliest creature I know of. I was disappointed. Quite a bit. Not by the weather, by the ‘feel’ I got of the place, which was just a big, fat, nothing. There were plenty of places to eat, all the same as any other city I’ve been to. Lots of coffee houses (same), and lots of shops (unlike Darwin, so I was happy looking at fashions and trends for five minutes at least). The people there are older – middle aged and over predominantly. And on the chunky side too, which blows my theory that cold keeps people skinny by shivering (unless they’ve all got central heating of course!)


The primroses at the base of the tree were the brightest things in the city.



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