In other news…

I’m studying again. Two different strands at the moment, one for a new job (here’s hoping anyway!), and one for my dream job (not likely to get it but I love it).

Since taking it up again, I have become more aware of the chemicals that we are putting into ourselves, and into the environment. I had no idea how bad microplastics were until I did a paper on them – I only heard in the media they were ‘bad’ and I stopped using products with microbeads in, but I had NO idea of just how widespread and going to be impossible to get rid of they really were. Babywipes down the toilet? OMG. Send your kids to a trip at the water treatment plant so they learn what not to do at a younger age PLEASE!! So I am trying to be a bit more conscious with small things, like using glass, not using plastic bags, cutting down on packaging – which isn’t much in the long run, but we got to start somewhere, right?

The other thing I’ve started doing is looking at what I am putting on my body – the stuff that gets absorbed by the biggest organ and then pee’d back out into the environment. I am sorry to say I saw a rock deodorant at one of ‘those’ stores (hippie? organic? biofriendly??) and brought one to try out, and after a week of use at work, I am impressed.. I do still have to take it out for a serious sweatfest on a run, but I am away from home for a few more days yet, so I should know this time next week how it holds up to some more serious exercise. And in actual fact, I really don’t care, it’s mostly so I can work without sweating, and it does that just fine, so if I DO sweat during a run, who cares? And if I smell, who cares?

I also made up some home made beauty stuff to send to my lovely Mother for her birthday this year – lavender scented bath salts, beeswax and coconut oil moisturiser, and sugar and coffee scrub. I use them at home too and love them, but I wanted to send something from the heart that was not bad for anyone or thing. I hope! We are also drinking Kombucha, as the more I read about the impact of gut bacteria on health, the more awareness I have of it, and the more I want to be trying to do the right thing by us (and them too!).

I just hope that we can wind back some of the damage we’ve done to the environment and to ourselves before it’s tipped too far.



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