I am still alive…

Just trying to get back on the bandwagon.

Had that week of gastro yuck, where I had to eat meal replacement shakes and toast and not much else. Scales went down, but it’s a bullshit reduction largely based on muscle loss, so I wasn’t unhappy when they went up again as I recovered.

Then my mother came to visit for 4 days (haven’t seen her for three years, so it was very nice :), and while my eating wasn’t really even what I’d call ‘unhealthy’ or ‘overeating’, it was not the right stuff for me (ie potatoes and cheese), nor the right amount – although I did temper it a lot by making reasonable choices and trying to look at the portion size, I felt like I’d eaten too much, and coupled with two weeks of inactivity, I was feeling fat and bloated…

So today when I went to the diet dood, I didn’t want to weigh myself. I just spent ten minutes talking to him about what I did and realised that it really wasn’t *that* bad. It took verbalising it to realise that how I behaved, was exactly like a ‘normal’ person would – how I would have behaved before I started being careful with what I was eating. One day I will be ‘normal’ again, and I’ll have to deal with it, so I manned up, and got on the scales. In two weeks, with gastro, no exercise and too much food, I lost 1 kg in two weeks. According to him anyway. It also said that I had lost 3% body fat, which I think is just bullshit (and told him as much. He said it’s so variable, unless we do it under the same conditions every time, then it’s not a good measure!).

The point of the exercise is:

  • It’s about the journey, not the destination.
  • Even when you think you’ve failed, sometimes it’s not failing at all.
  • The choices we make count.

I thought I has screwed up, but I’m lucky I don’t suffer from binge eating or emotional eating. I don’t have snacks in my house, and I’m over buying them at the shop.  I try and eat what I know I should eat… sometimes I eat stuff that’s not so good for me, but as long as it’s the exception rather than the rule, then it’s fine. I still have a way to go, but it’s more about how I feel and what I look like rather than how much I weigh. I use the scales as a tool to make sure I’m going in the right direction, and so far, so good.

The challenge for the next 5 weeks is the three weeks I will spend away from home, being served deep fried everything. I told the diet dood that I will rise to the challenge, and loose half a kilogram between now and 13 Feb – I needed a goal so I just plucked one out of my ass. We’ll see how I go 🙂


2012? Bring it!

This year has been pretty awesome – work’s been good, home’s been great. We’ve been on holidays overseas, kept our heads above water, and haven’t killed anyone (of note…:)

Next year I’m hoping will continue in a similar vein, although things are a bit unpredictable with work commitments unlikely to be finalised until the last minute at the earliest, two weeks after at worst. Nevertheless, I’m going to try and jot down some things I’d like to do during the year… although those that know me well also know that I suck at making goals. Oh well here goes…

  1. I’d like to make soap. I love home made soaps, but baulk at paying $6 a piece for something that is a ‘want’, rather than a ‘need’. If I make it myself I don’t need to feel guilty, and with a bit of luck I’ll be able to share the love. I’ll try a kit first, but it’s cheaper to do it all from scratch – but I need to know it’ll work! The intent is to make soap and shampoo and conditioner and washing liquid, mainly because I can control what’s in it, but also because it’s (supposedly) cheaper and better than commercially produced stuff.
  2. I want to keep running. This will be difficult if work starts to cramp my style.
  3. If work cramps my style, I need to have another focus other than running. I choose pilates. One of the gals from work has said she’s going to start again next year, so I’ll go with her. I like to hurt in company, apparently.
  4. I’d like to do some sewing. I haven’t done any for many years, and I feel the need to be able to make some cheap lightweight pants for the summer months. Everything in the shops up here is either southern based (ie. They do WINTER), or hippie style, which I do like, but srsly… there’s a limit. And a time. And a place.
  5. Financial responsibility and decluttering is to commence forthwith. Refer t’other blog HERE.
  6. He wants to kyack. Hell, I can’t even spell it. But I’ll buy him one… 🙂

Objectives for Week 6

Or whatever it is that we’re up to now…

Recap from last week –

  1. swim 75m DONE!  beaten by 25, and in two strokes!
  2. 5k cross country NOT DONE. stupid missing runners. now I have to wait for another week to try it- this week is a path run.
  3. eat properly IN PROGRESS. and the proof is in the pictures.
  4. drink more water NOT SURE. I didn’t get dehydrated like last week, but I didn’t run on Wed night, so it’s hard to tell. I never drink enough when I’m at home, so it’s going to be an ongoing issue.

This week –

  1. Repeat swimming – 100m in two strokes.
  2. #RunForJapan – $5 per kilometre
  3. Get through the week!

Okay, so they’re a bit wishy washy this week, but as you’ll recall, I never said I was any good at goals or objectives. On the whole, I’m very pleased with how I’m going. Sure, I could be doing more, but it’s a good effort – I’m losing weight (slowly, which is good), I’m eating properly (not too little, not too much), I’m exercising almost daily, I’m not thrashing myself at one thing so I’m going to avoid repetative injuries (that’s the theory anyway!), physically I’m doing the right things, and mentally I think I’m the best I’ve been since I don’t know when.

Here’s to another week of challanges, trials, tribulations and dramas.!

Objectives for week 5

Alright. Seeming as how although I’m not particularly good at these, but they did stick in my mind all week, I’m going to give it another shot.

1. Swim 75m without stopping. Did not attempt last week, and still on my list of personal ‘to-do’s.

2. Complete 5k cross country on Wed. I’m hoping like hell it’s a) not raining or b) not on a beach or c) all of the above. I actually like cross country, I’m just slower because I don’t want a busted ankle, and have an aversion to hurtling down hills with no brakes. That sudden stop at the end can be nasty!

3. Eat properly. Not just ‘healthy’, but properly. More than 2 food groups at a time. Peanut butter and jam sandwiches do not count as ‘2’.

4. Drink more water. I think I’m going to have to lash out and get a bigger water bottle for work. It’s becoming a pain filling that 600ml one all the time, and I lose count of how many I’ve had.

How do they sound?


Today, it’s Wednesday.

I did my run in a bit over 33 mins (according to the little taggy thing around my ankle), and I did walk more than I should’ve. However, it’s been a long time since I’ve run a timed 5k, and would you believe some bastard even put hills in there? Sure they weren’t real big, but they were a bit nasty.  I ran up them too – and you have to run down hills, cos it’s money for shit!

So, to recap: I ran it. It wasn’t fast, and it wasn’t flash, but I ran it.The first is the hardest – next week is a cross country, and there is the word ‘Beach’ in the title. I’m not so keen on that bit.

Memo to me: Drink more water. Load up before the race. Always have a full bottle in the car.

Two objectives down for this week… one more to go. That’s the swim. And I still have a few days left, so I’ll not stress.

Tomorrow is squash in the afternoon. Friday I don’t have a damn clue – that may in fact be my opportunistic swimming day? Saturday is my #run4ChCh and I am hoping to be lucky enough to have two others with me. I am aiming for 10k in 1hr… we’ll see how we go… and then I will donate $5 for each kilometre to the Red Cross. I know it’s not much, but every little bit helps… doesn’t it??After that, it’s brunch. I’m looking forward to it.

Next big ticket on the menu is a 10k cross country on 16 April. Meh, it’s a Saturday – I’m going to give it a shot. Then I’m going to get drunk. hehe

Today is also day 8 of doing some sort of physical activity every day. And if I can do the sprints on the weekend, it will be the third weekend in a row. I’m kinda sorted feeling a little inspired, just cos I can be.

Objectives for week 4

I am so not good at this, but this year it’s all about giving things a go, so I’m going to try.

1. Try a 5k run on Wed night, regardless of how tired I am or how crappy I feel or how badly I think I’ll do. Hell, even if I walk the whole damn thing. Just do it!

2. See if I can warm up a squash ball by myself

3. Aim to swim 75m in one hit.

baby steps. right?