Forgive me for making yet another page, but I’m finding I’m losing stuff in the main page, and I want to keep an eye on this, because it’s important…

I need to plan my meals. I know how to do it, and he and I do it when he’s at home, but when he’s not, the trouble starts… Given that the possibility of him (or me) going away in the near future for an extended period is fairly high, I need to get my act together.

So, while he’s not home, this will keep me honest. If I keep putting it up here while he is home, then it will become a habit. If he needs to use it to remind himself to behave when I’m not here, it will be here for him. But he’s just perfect, so he won’t need it!


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  1. Sat 26 Mar – started off with such good intentions, then got laid up with my wonky ear again.
    Breakfast – museli, canned fruit, some LSA mix and milk
    Lunch Cucumber sandwich (I can’t resist them) and tuna and lettuce sandwich
    Been snacking on mushrooms and grapes.
    Didn’t get to go shopping or out or exercise. Not happy about that, but, tomorrow is another day I hope!

  2. Sun 27 Mar – did my waddle, had my usual weekend museli, and a beef noodle soup for lunch from the markets, which I’ve been eyeing off for weeks. It didn’t measure up, however, and I won’t bother again. Ate half of that for lunch, and a sticky rice and banana roll? pattie? log? thingy, which was yummy. And very sweet.
    Dinner was some spaghetti and mince/veg type concoction, and desert is a low fat strawberry yoghurt. No, I’m sure I don’t need it, and no, I’m still pretty full from dinner, but I like it. So I’m going to eat it.

  3. How the time flies! It’s now 6 months on from these posts, and how far have I come!
    I started to run, to exercise, and a mere 6 weeks ago, went to see someone about WHY I wasn’t losing weight. I had to give up starch (not carbs!), and sugar (yes, alcohol – but by choice!), and then dairy (I love cows. I don’t like soybeans. But we are developing an uneasy truce). I feel the best I have in years, and weight fell off rapidly (sure, then it evens out as I get musclier too, but meh. Who cares?), and now I think I’ve got this thing pretty well sorted out.

    Breakfast on most days is oats. Plain, uncooked rolled oats. I love them! I add some slivered almonds, some lecithin (there’s those soy beans creeping in), some LSA (ground linseed soy (twice!) almond mix), bit of cinnamon (it smells great and it’s good for something, but it’s a lot like eating dust) and soy milk (three strikes for me – yay!). Of course I’m allowed to eat other stuff, but I’m a simple creature a heart. Poached eggs are also terrific – but I save them for lunch on special occasions usually, and bacon is also permitted. Baked beans are okay, but high in sugar, and I have to watch that πŸ™‚

    Midday snack – nuts. 50g to be exact. At the moment I’m munching on a brazil/macadamia combo, although sometimes it’s almonds. No peanuts for me, as I’m a peanut freak. Yes, they’re good for you, just not in the quantities I’d like to eat them in. In fact, peanut butter is out too. Self sacrifice. I’m so tough… hehehe

    Lunch can be a ham and lettuce wrap (oh how I miss my little bit of grated cheese), or a salad with a little tin of spring water tuna (boy, did the switch from brine tuna take some getting used to!) or a chicken thigh. Pretty much anything goes, as long as I remember the stuff I’m not supposed to eat, and portion control. My CSIRO diet books have been my bible for learning that stuff – 100g protein for lunch.

    Afternoon tea – fruit, fruit and soy yoghurt (I’m SO good – just like the ads!), vegetables (like carrots and/or celery).

    Dinner – heaps of stuff, remembering NO potatos, no rice, no bread. Lentils are interesting though, I quite like them, and they’re supposed to be good for me, but I pay that off. I need something to soak up the flavour of apricot chicken (tonights dinner)! Sweet potatos are also fine, but I like them steamed πŸ™‚ Three cups of vegetables is the order of the day – which is bloody tough at the best of times! 200g of protein is easy to get through, the veges can be too much to eat! This is my biggest failing, not eating enough vegetables.

    Sometimes, not often, I’m a little peckish later on. Then I’ll have a little fruit and a few tablespoons of yoghurt for desert. Water in abundance, several coffees (mainly black, ocassionally with soy) and a few green teas round out the day, with a fragrant rose tea in the evening before sleep. I don’t care if it’s psychosomatic, I think it helps, and that’s all that matters.

    I don’t know why people say they need to eat more before or after a run – maybe I’m doing it wrong? I don’t eat anything special due to exercise (even saying I’m carb loading before the half marathon was purely because I wanted a beer!), and I haven’t noticed any difference… Maybe I really AM doing it wrong?

  4. Am still eating pretty much what I was last month, and still trying to get over the break in Japan and out field… seems like yesterday, but I’ve been home for a month! Plus last weekend we had an early anniversay/late birthday, so we ate lots of stuff that we normally wouldn’t these days. It’s funny – I ate it because I let myself, not because I *really* wanted it. There’s not a lot I miss, because I can eat it if I really must, but there’s not a lot I really must eat… if that makes sense?
    I had pizza and ice cream and popcorn at the movies, some lollies and some beer – all of which I can leave behind again just as easily. And I’m eternally grateful for that πŸ™‚
    Brought my offspring a choc mousse yesterday – it was expensive, and I knew it would be good. I had some. It was. Luckily it also means that nothing will ever come close to it, so if I really really MUST have chocolate mousse, I will have to go to that shop. Bit like the doughnuts – HAVE to be Krispy Kremes … no substitutes accepted!
    If you’re going to lash out, then do it properly πŸ™‚

  5. Here at the start of 2012, I’m determined to continue to eat well. The weight is moving, albeit slowly, and I think I have the maintenance issue down pat. Unfortunately, one day I intend to not exercise so much, so I need to know what makes my body tick so I can sustain the weight without it. While I could do with losing some flab, mostly now I would like to fine tune… I’m still never going to be able to ‘carb load’ before a run, or have that ‘cheat’ meal without paying the price. I know it, and that’s cool, but I need to know how the various foods affect me. ATM I’m suspecting that even whole grains aren’t the best for my as far as losing weight goes, so I’m trying to cut those out.
    Breakfast most days is oats, lately with a piece of fruit, but I’m laying off for a few days to see if there is any affect on my weight. Today’s breakfast was 2 eggs (yummo!), and tomorrow I’m going to try quinoa with cranberries (that I’ve had in the pantry for EVER!) – we’ll see how that goes, but I’m not planning on being without oats for too long.
    Hopefully my soy milk powder will arrive in the post tomorrow, so I can go back to soy in my coffee. I have missed it, but there’s been NONE in any shop here for the past month, and the pre mixed stuff now is far too oily for my palate (princess that I have become!). Lunch will be strictly salads for this week (avoiding wraps for the moment), with plenty of protein, or soup; dinner will be protein and vegetables, or soup. It’s a plan.

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