Not being one for goals, I find it particularly hard to come up with any. If you don’t come up with any, you don’t get better. If they’re not something that you really want to work at, then you won’t achieve them.

Memo to me:

These are your goals.

  1. Take 1 minute off your 2.4k run time in 6 months – to at least 13.30. You know you can do that, you’ve done it once before.
  2. Stick to your healthy eating plan. Eat properly and the weight will follow.
  3. Stick to your training plan. You need more hobbies anyway.

6 responses

  1. Another goal I have is to swim 50m without stopping. Well, I almost did that this week, several times, so I’m thinking it’s not as hard a task as it was 3 years ago… so I should perhaps revise that to swimming 100m at a time.
    Baby steps

    • I managed to achieve this goal this week… at last! It was hard going there with no support net, but stuff it, I’m a big girl now and I should be able to do things all by myself!
      The clothes… I’m looking tomorrow. My bra’s are starting to get a little gapey, if you know what I mean.

  2. Another goal that I’d like to achieve is to run another half marathon – in at least if not better than the same time I did last year. Which was around 3:10… way longer than it should be, but I take comfort in the fact I didn’t train at all, and went in cold. This year it wouldn’t be much better given that I’m not doing marathon training, but at least I’m running a bit more, so if I can get in even 10mins under, it’d be great, but I’d still be chuffed if I even finished again.
    I think it’s at the end of July

  3. Isn’t it funny, I’ve wanted to do chinups for so long (like 2 year!), and I haven’t even mentioned it here.
    I’m on the verge of doing a whole one all by myself. I’d like to do 5. We’ll see how long it takes

  4. I’m not good at setting goals. So far I’ve managed to meet all of the ones I set earlier in the year, except the chinups. Now that my knee is playing up on me, I might have to see if I can meet this goal by Christmas.

    I would like to improve my swimming, but I’m still wary of my ear. I’m better than I was at the beginning of the year, but not having kept it up means I haven’t improved at all. Must try and find some better ear plugs…

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