Tuesday: Doneski!

Rose early with the intent that today was ‘Ride to Work’ day. Realised about 20 mins before leaving home that I have no lights for my bike – and it was still pitch black. After assessing the situation (ie googling the local sunrise time and the fact that people in Darwin rarely ride with helmets, let alone lights), we decided it was safe enough to ride in on the bike track, rather than the road (I don’t bounce well).

So off we set. The temperature was bearable, there was enough light to see the path (and oncoming cyclists without lights!), and it was lovely. Got to work in a reasonable time, and did a slow 5K run for PT. Tried my first informal spin class at lunchtime, and have decided that there is no way I will EVER enjoy that crap. All the water I imbibed after my ride and run – gone. It wasn’t even hard, and I was struggling. I will do better next time, now that I know what it involves, and yes, I WILL do it again. But I won’t like it. Oh, and then we did 8 minute abs after that, just so we could feel REALLY incompetent and unfit! *sigh*

My day was spent largely avoiding work again. I’m now pretty much down to counting how many hours I can get away with it, and I spent some of those hours looking into triathalons. I’ve decided I’d like to do a ‘try-tri’ – there’s no way I could swim 750m, and I refuse to pay the association money for a one off thing, so I’ll make my own shit up. I’m good like that. The goal shall be to swim-bike-run, just to see how it feels. It’s supposed to be less strain on the body than single activities, and less injuries are sustained by triatheletes. Apparently. According to the bible Wikipedia anyway – which is good enough for me! No idea of when said event shall occur or over what distances, I shall have to give it some more thought.

After my peaceful work day and early knock off, the lush of my life and I set out on our return trip. Given that it was pleasant enough this morning, there was no reason to think that it wouldn’t be similar on our return. Mhmm. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is where we went wrong. Not only did we have to take the long way (due to the side gate being closed due to the early departure time), it’s uphill. Not hugely, but that slow, slight, never fucking ending uphill that makes you want to rip the arms and legs off teddy bears. And to make matters worse, there was a strong headwind. Worse  still, it was a hot headwind. It was GROSS. The lovely ride we had this morning, was uphill for large straights – didn’t even notice the downhill on the way in, that’s how slight it was. Sure as shit wasn’t that slight on the way home!

Anyway, we beat the storm home. It started to spit as we pulled into the house, and that’s actually all it did. For all it’s piss and blustery bullshit, there wasn’t a decent drop of rain in it.

Darwin is SUCH a funny place. I love it here.



It’s Christmas Day…

And it feels like pretty much the same as every other day. It’s good to be home relaxing with the family though, even though ONE of those family members wishes she could go and stay at her boyfriends place. I wouldn’t mind so much, but I don’t trust the cyclone that’s lurking around to the north of us…

Started the morning with the 8 Minute Abs of Death workout. I know why it appeared to be too easy now – it’s because every second activity makes you wish you were dead, so you need something to cool down with! The oblique crunches are the hardest – they hurt like hell from yesterday, but I will persevere with them until the 9th of Jan when I get back to work. Two weeks should be long enough to see some change I’m sure, plus I’m concentrating on form and technique rather than quantity… Ha! Who am I kidding?!? At the moment I’m lucky if I can complete the exercises for a minute without breaking form! Even if I can pull that off I’ll consider myself better off!!

That was followed by 20 minutes of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred – Level 1 of course. While the exercises were relatively easy, I worked up a sweat and was glad when it was over.  Lets see if I can keep that up for the whole 30 days. I get bored easily, so the lush of my life is going to do it too, or at least keep me company while I do it – that should keep me on the straight and narrow. After all, it’s only 30 days, isn’t it??

Needless to say, as it’s Christmas, we’ve eaten a bit today, even though not particularly hungry. I had sardines (in tomato sauce!) on crackers for breakfast, two poached eggs with ham for brunch, and two fruit mince pies (I like them, but this year they’re giving me a stomach ache, so next year I might leave them out), some nuts and deliciously decadent chocolates for lunch. They’re that good, you can’t eat more than 5 without feeling ill – definitely worth it, and luckily only once a year!!