Need to get back on track.

And finding it too hard. Too tired. Too hungry. Too stressed. Too lazy… I have a million excuses when I stop and think about it.

Yesterday for PT, I walked. Okay, so I walked about 4K and it was hot and humid and I was sweating muh ass off, but at the time, it was the right decision. Now, I’m not so sure.

I made the declaration as I was walking out of work yesterday that I wasn’t going to do PT this morning, that I was too busy – and as I lie here in bed at (holy shit Batman – srsly??) 4am, I’m thinking I’m just making excuses. The pissed offedness I feel with work at the moment is *my* problem. They’re not going to change. And all it’s going to do is eat away at me until I’m strung out and miserable and start affecting my wonderful home life – so I need to change the way I’m looking at it. What I really need to do is be able to “woooo-saaaah”, and just say “fuck it. this job is like that”, and just get on with my shit.

So, todays PT is supposed to be an extended session, and we’re supposed to live in PT gear for the rest of the day, which isn’t going to work for me because yesterdays gear is still in a ball at the bottom of my bag – my bad – and I’m thinking ‘Hell, I may as well go and see what they’ve got planned. I’m not getting in any cross training at the moment, so this may be an opportunity to do some’.

The cynic in me is saying ‘They’re all too lazy to organise a basic circuit, so it’ll be minor team games. Again.’

The new improved me is thinking ‘Maybe I’m not too lazy to organise a basic circuit. Minor team games be damned. I’m taking my homies to the gym – even if it’s just 100s!’. Work be damned, it will still be there in 1 hr, in 2 hrs, next week. I miss my workouts more than I miss my work!



I am not sure if I am pleased with myself for apparently motivating myself out of my doldrums, or if it’s the insomnia talking. I’m glad I wrote it down so I can re-read it in an hour or so…


this week’s not been too bad actually

I’m pleasantly surprised.

Sunday was a quick 1.5K run and a paddle around the pool,
Monday was a nothing day I think. Don’t remember resting, but I guess I did
Tuesday was a 4.6K run in 29:18 the morning (Oh the humidity!!), plus MMA circuits (far too many squats – and kettle bells? keep those suckers!)
Wednesday was Cardio circuits at the gym in the morning (with Mr Squats again!!), plus pilates for lunch.
Thursday was a LSD after lunch – 5.5K in 38:37. In 33 degree heat. DAMN HOT!

Tomorrow we have another 8K forced march in 1:30. I’m not going to lie when I say I am NOT looking forward to it in the slightest, esp with the hammering my legs have had this week. I will however, give it a crack, and give it my best shot. If that’s not good enough, fuck them. I don’t care.

Here’s my weekly roundup in the wrong page. Meh. My blog – sue me.

a. My quads are killing me. I am walking like a troll so I don’t have to use my thigh muscles. And this afternoon – my abs are sore. Didn’t know I had any, so I’m thinking something in the circuits is doing me some good. I’ll attempt to keep it up while the lush is away on course, and maybe con him into going after he gets back.

b. Yesterday was my first experience at pilates. Some chick I never met before was leaning over me pushing my legs straight up towards my head as I was lying on my back. I’d like to think she’d buy me dinner before getting up so close and personal, but oh well. I don’t know if I liked it, but people rave about it, and I know stretching is good for me. On the plus side, it’s free. And it’s once a week, so that’s another thing I’m going to try and keep up.

c. I can handle running in the heat, as long as I:

  1. Don’t eat so much before I go. Two lunches worth is NOT the way to go,
  2. Hydrate constantly beforehand. All damn day. Till it’s coming out my ears, and
  3. Remember that I will run slower, feel worse and probably hate at least the second half. It’s about DOING, not about breaking records.

d. I think I’d like to give swimming another go – but I don’t like those earplugs I have. The cap is groovy, but the earplugs are a little hard. I wonder if squishy sound plugs will work? Maybe I’ll visit the sports shop on the weekend…

e. I seem to have not lost any weight on the scales this week, but I definately feel better now that I’m finding my groove again. Been hungry this week too, which is okay, but I’ve been eating, which isn’t so good. At least I’ve been eating the right foods, just more than what I’d usually eat. Guess you have to take the hungry with the not hungry. It’ll even out I’m sure. Hopefully the scales are like that because I’ve put on so much muscle doing squats and pilates (mhmm – an hour class will do that to a gal!), but I’m not worried. I feel good 🙂

Monday, Monday…

After having a complete day of sloth yesterday (and I do mean sloth!), today it was back into it.

Circuits was the name of the game today – various workouts in a wagon wheel setup in the middle of a court – one set of an activity, then change to running around the outside. Sprint down the long side, slower on the short side, then into the next activity. I would’ve really quite enjoyed it if my knee hadn’t have started to dick me around… but you get that. I got sweaty and breathless and sore, and that was the main point of the exercise.

Interestingly enough, I even felt like doing more exercise when I got home. I didn’t, as I had to cook and have a sinus headache, but I’m amazed that I even FELT like it. That’s a big thing for me peeps.

Tomorrow is squash in the morning, and maybe squash and a swim in the afternoon. There’s also a boxercise class at lunch, so I’ve packed my mitts. Hopefully I’ll be up for it!

(ha – even considered doing more physical activity after work. hehehehe. Must be the end of the world or something…)