Darwin City to Surf 2012


Well, we did it, and despite missing out on running for so many months, did better than last year.

The course was a little different, but still basically the same, and the temp and humidity were perfect for a morning waddle. I was a bit worried as the humidity had been up much higher in the past few days, but it was just lovely. The change in course meant we weren’t running into the sun for any great length of time, which was a bit of a killer last year. So much for winter!

I read my notes from last year, which basically said I was running on empty from the 8K mark, so I made sure I had a meal shake an hour before. Thought I was pretty smart too, until I was hacking up the snot running down the back of my throat 5K in (sorry for the TMI there!), and it took me another 3K to realise that the shake has milk powder in it. What a dork. Wouldn’t have done much to my time I’m sure, but it kinda screwed with my chi a bit… shan’t be making that mistake again!

I took a couple of Gu in case I felt the need, and I did break one out at the 9.5/10K mark. More than giving me an added boost, it made the time go really quickly, as I was preoccupied with rolling the crap around in my mouth and then swallowing it all! The drink stations were in the wrong place for me – I think I’ll try a little hand held bottle next year for emergencies. Not that I felt like I was going to die at any time, but it was annoying.

The crowd was good and well behaved, none of the jostling or track blocking behaviours that I’ve seen in previous races. And thank fuck – NO PRAMS! Although I do wonder why they started the shorter race before the longer one, because we did run into them… even I did, so that means the guys in front who powered away must’ve been falling over them.

It was also good to see the local firies getting involved, and running in their heavy suits. At least they didn’t have to wear their boots or breathing apparatus ūüôā We will donate some money to the Make A Wish Foundation on their behalf – we don’t usually carry money when running! At the end we got Powerade and Mount Franklin water (as Powerade were the sponsors this year), and I’m ashamed to admit I sculled a red one. I know it’s the same¬†anatomically¬†as a can of coke, but I REALLY like the red one, and haven’t had one for over a year now, so I think maybe just this once??

He did 1:12 (last year 1:20) and I did 1:24 (last year 1:40), and I think we didn’t do too bad at all.

(and WHY, do I want to go trail running???? Now! WTF?)


New name for C2S

is not ‘City to Surf’ anymore, but ‘Crazy to Stupid’. We did it, and although I’m not impressed with my time, I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I’ve never run with so little in the tank before – so much so I could’ve sat down and waited to get picked up, which is unlike me. I put it down to not eating dinner, and not having any carbs, and I think I might give this paleo diet the ass. I’m not losing any weight, and I’m not feeling any different – until the run today when I was running on empty. It’s not that I can’t do it, it’s that I don’t think it’s right for me.

After the race I had a sausage and a piece of bread, then some baklava and flat white. I’m now sugared up for the next week! I did actually want poached eggs but the stupid dickhead fucked up my order. Oh well, I wasn’t REALLY hungry after all that sugar, but that’s not the bloody point. Grrrr.

The main thing is, I did it. My feet held up very well considering my shoes are looking like they’ll disintegrate any moment, and my chaffing was kept in check. I may not be able to walk tomorrow, but at least I’ll have a damn good reason



ooooo… Picked up our numbers and timers today. I will feel like such a goon on Sunday doing it though – what the hell do I think I’m doing with all the ‘real’ runners??? Nah, it’ll all be good. As disconcerting as it is running with a pack, I shall be running for me, myself, and my own amusement. I’m not out there to break records, I’m just there to finish (hopefully!), and for that warm fuzzy glow of inner self satisfaction to say ‘I did it’.

The lush of my life will be with me, and his knee gave him a bit of strife the other day too, so we’ll both be just plodding along. It’s early in the morning, so it will be cool, and hopefully not too many mosquitos. Looking forward to it, even if it does mean waking up early on a day off!

Noo Shooz!

Decided that I can’t wait for a new pair of shoes any longer… you know how you put things off and put things off and all of a sudden it’s too late? Well, I’m nearly there. I knew they were getting a bit old, but they’re comfy. Until I did a 5k walk last week and ended up with a pressure blister – on looking it’s worn through the inside fabric. Right through. Baaaaaaad through.

But, I can’t run the City2Surf on the weekend with a new pair of shoes, because that would be a)dumb and b)dumb. So I’ve done some research (it’s the Libran in me), and worked out that I’m not paying $209 for my brand in Australia, I’ll import them from the States via Amazon.com for $88 – including postage.

Anyone who live in Oz will surely have heard the latest broohaha in the media about people buying stuff online to avoid GST (our goods and services tax), and the last I heard, the retailers were wanting the GST to be charged on imported items. So, even then I’d only end up paying $80 (minus the postage from the US), so how do they explain the other $120? Not that I’m calling them greedy mind – I’m sure the cost of overheads and wages in this country is crippling many smaller businesses.

Okay. I think they’re a bunch of greedy assholes, and I’ll be forever thankful that someone told me Amazon don’t just sell books anymore, and I’m looking forward to getting my new shoes (even if they are an insipid pastel colour. I shall love them all the same).

D Day minus 1

Okay. I can do this. I’m not even scared.

The more I look at what I eat and drink, the harder I think it’ll be. BUT… it’s not as hard as some, so I’m going to do it. It’s 30 freaking days. In the big scheme of things, that’s hardly anything. I am going to move more too. I’ve had trouble lately due to work/lazy ass/wanting to spend time with my crush, but I need to do something. Even 30 minutes a day is more than doing nothing.

I will get him to set up the treadmill and trainer downstairs now that the wet is over… people ASSURE me it NEVER rains during the dry.

We’ll see.

(as for the run this weekend? EEEP!!)