Well, I got off my ass, and I did it.

10k in 1:06:35

And I’m not displeased with that at all. Seems that 8.5k is my groove, and 8.9 makes me work a little harder. I did 9. something for the first 5k, then walked a bit and slowed it down – funnily enough it’s about the same time, just closer to a constant pace for the second half, although I did try and step it out a little for the last 2k – hence the 8.9k statement. Is it bad because it’s on a machine??

I’m very happy with my effort, pleased with myself, looking forward to brunch, and to donating my $50 to the Christchurch Earthquake.

(lets not think about the half marathon I’ll have to do for the Japanese Tsunami… it’s too soon)


Sad indeed… poor Japan

I’ve woken up in the middle of the night (yet again) to the terrible pictures coming out from Japan… All I can do is hope that the death toll isn’t as much as I fear, and that the people were warned in time. It doesn’t really help that one paper is saying there’s over 80,000 missing in one area alone, and given the density of the population there, it is likely to get much worse.

How sad.