Thursday is over!

And a much better day than yesterday… must be the alignment of the stars or some such, but I felt in a better mood, and better physically, than yesterday – despite having my deep sleep interrupted by the daughters boyfriend turning up on the doorstep due to locking himself out of his unit. Oh well, ce la vie.

 Went for a little waddle this morning to shake out the cobwebs, and did 5K without thinking too much about it. I like that distance, it’s comfy. It was slow – like halfa speed slow, but I wasn’t out to impress anyone. That killed my eating frenzy from yesterday, and I did pretty good today. I did have a little two pack of biscuits around afternoon tea time, but in my defence, I did turn down a piece of cherry chocolate gateau earlier in the day (my fav, I might add!). For lunch I had some carrot/sweet potato miso soup made last night (I ate it cold. Yup, I’m *that* lazy), and dinner was ‘spag bol’, made with buckwheat pasta. Considering I said I wasn’t hungry half an hour before, I inhaled the first bowl, then steamed some beans to go with the second bowl. I don’t know what he did to it, but it was delicious!

I was planning on having some yoghurt and berries for dessert, but I think tonight I’m going to listen to my body – and right now, it’s telling me it’s FULL!

Hopefully the scales will like me a bit more tomorrow, seeming as it’s weigh in day.


15 days into the Km101 challenge…

and I’ve managed 55.88K. Feeling like a bit of a dork, but as the lush of my life pointed out, it’s only 2 weeks in! Two weeks to go, and all should be good. Missed out on my 10K today due to getting up too late, but might have a day off during the week and sneak one in somewhere.

Had a crappy week at work this week – hormonal mostly I’m guessing. Snarky and snarly – and generally surly. Don’t like it, but you get that. Feeling better now, so hopefully it’ll piss off for another month at least!

Managed to not drink alcohol this week (half a glass of low alcohol low carb wine was very nice, but I resisted the urge to have more. I was very pleased with myself), but have eaten more bread than usual. Mainly seeded, but had a piece of white toast bread today with 2 poached eggs – my FAV!! Followed up by a strawberry choc dipped icecream from the cinema (didn’t watch a movie though, just knew I *wanted* one of those ice creams – and it hit the spot perfectly!), and dinner shall be chicken and cabbage soup (hopefully – if the shops are open so he can get some coconut milk and green curry!). I’m probably going to start using those meal replacement shakes again, for at least one meal a day. They cost a bomb, and I don’t want to waste them – how bad does that sound?? Maybe I’m just feeling lazy and not being bothered to make lunches after my 6 weeks off? Hell, that WAS a long time!