Friday at last!

And would you believe I actually feel like I’ve done nothing all day?

I had a 5K waddle this morning – very relaxing actually, worked until 1230, went home, tidied some shelves, repaired a lost button and undoing purse, went to the shop and took the daughter into town.

So why am I feeling guilty for doing nothing???


And for Friday, I did some weights

still half assed as I’m just making shit up and quitting when I get a) sore or b) bored.

I’ll do better next week – promise.

No running today, sore throat and all you see… *cough*… Will go in the morning, as I guess I’ll wake up at the crack of dawn and as I’ve no reason to stay in bed atm… 🙂 Then off to watch the welcome home parade for the troops, then to visit a sick friend/ work collegue, then home to do housework. I promise I’ll cook dinner tomorrow – tonight consisted of kanga bangers (yummo!) and half a tub of soy yoghurt and fruit. Talk about the munchies – I don’t know what came over me… it doesn’t happen often at all. Very odd. Seems to have gone away now though. Cross fingers!