Ran on the machine again

Although my hip/back/knee took turns at being a bit dodgey, everything held up okay. Again I didn’t try and bust a gut, I did 11K in 80 odd minutes, and although I’d like to do it in 2.5 hours, I know I can’t keep that pace up for the whole time. Still, it went very well, just very, very, VERY boring on the machine. If I pull up alright tomorrow I might try again in the evening. I’d really like to get this 10 mile thing out of the way!


At the end of the week

I’m not real happy. After doing something weird to my back after the 12k last weekend, it’s been giving me crap all week. Wed night I only managed the 2k, and even that took me a fair while to warm into – my knees were crap, in line with the hips, and I’m guessing it’s all coming from my back. Anyway, I did it, and had the most god awful cramp again – I thought my guts were going to drop out. I even considered going to the doctors about it, but too busy on Thurs and Fri for that stuff.

As I had a duty on Thurs, no sport for that day, and Fri I had to race out to the airport and pick up a car, so none that day either. Sat was supposed to be the 16K hit out for the marathon, but the lush of my life took half a sleeping pill the night before, so there was no way he was getting up let alone running at that time of the morning! Bless him, he needed his sleep. So I used that as an excuse not to go either, with the intention of going for a run this afternoon. And my back was giving me crap all afternoon, so after dinner, I put on my gear and jumped on the running machine, just in case I did have a breakdown – then I’d be at home you see! Funnily enough, I ran slower to make sure I wasn’t going to bust a foofle valve or something, and I was really enjoying it. Until I needed a toilet break (a problem that I don’t normally suffer from). And then I needed another, so I gave it the ass. Sweating like a boss, but felt fine, which is what I need for the halfa, so I’m happy. I may even sneak in another little run tomorrow morning, and try hard to be fit enough for a longer run tomorrow night. I can’t afford to break myself!

I did it

I said I wouldn’t get my sunglasses I wanted until I’d done a bigger run… so yesterday afternoon we went out and did 12K along the C2S track. I wanted to stop at 4K… and 5 and 6, but by the time 7 rocked around, there was no way I was going to walk until I’d done 8 (started walking there in the city to surf), then 9, then at 10 I allowed myself a little walk. I really think I could’ve kept going, but it was what it was.

Then I had to run 3, walk 1 to the end. And I ran up that god awful hill (short but oh so sharp at the top!), and finished in 1:26:48, which was up on the 1:39 for the C2S (the track then was slightly longer though, but I’m counting it as a win!).

I had a Gu before the race, and carried one with me but had it afterwards. Don’t know if it really helped or not, but hell. I did it.

Next week I’m going to go for 10 miles. Mhmm. I got this.