Sit rep

Lunch! The gluten free buns were a success, dispite being as bad for me as bread (I’ll just get grainy bread mix next time!), and the meat substitute (black bean) patties are still cooking… But they’re smelling damn good!

*Edit: The black bean patties were lacking in flavour. Completely and utterly, which is impressive, considering there was 3/4 onion, garlic, capsicum and curry powder in them. Texture wise, they were good. They stuck together well and had a good consistency – it was just the taste that was the issue… Dare say this can be rectified by using more vigorous helpings, as well as a sauce. Unfortunately we were out of chili sauce (do I LOOK psychic?!?), and the cumin powder had mould in it so had to be thrown out. Sad but true. I also think the mix needed to be halved (we’re not a family of four!), and there is definitely room for improvement before I post any kind of recipe for it. I’m glad I tried it.


10 January, 2012 12:33

Hokay. I have some ideas, and will see how they go…
I’m going to try and eat only one piece of fruit per day.
Lay off the bread for a week. Don’t think it’ll make much diff, but I’m definitely up from 2 pcs a week, and a wrap. In my defence, it WAS Christmas! No more ryvitas or vitawheats regardless of how many damn grains they have in them, whole or otherwise… I’m going to take up soy yoghurt again for my afternoon tea snack.
I’m also going to attempt to get my evening veges up to two cups. This may even require me getting off my ass and helping with dinner, so it’s a pretty extreme option for me- unfortunately cutting down on my readily available source of carbs ( my breakkie oats!!) means I need to pick them up somewhere.

I wonder if my runs this week would’ve been so hard if I’d been eating carbs? Well, we’ll see, won’t we?


For the love of anything… how do I stop myself from being down on the scales being heavier today?

I ate very well yesterday, tyvm. The only ‘dubious’ foods may be a banana, and three Ryvita crackers. Everything else was fine, and no way overboard. I did 20 mins of Pilates, 40 pushups in 1:49, skipped for 3 mins and ran 4K. I think I drank plenty of fluids; although I stopped keeping track of drinking ages ago, I generally know when I haven’t been having enough, and yesterday was not one of those days.

So how is it that I am heavier?

Well, I’m feeling the workouts I did yesterday – my upper back and arms are feeling stong (it’s not a’ hurt’, and not really a ‘tight’, more of an ‘awareness they’re there’, so ‘strong’ will do!), so *maybe* it’s muscle.

Why am I worrying about 300g?
Oh, I don’t know. In the grand scheme of things it’s pretty pathetic. It’s just disappointing to know you’re doing things right, and it doesn’t work. First world problem? Absolutely!

What am I doing about it?
I think ‘nothing’ sounds like an option. I’ve a mind to do things exactly the same as yesterday, minus the Ryvita and banana, but then again it sounds a little obsessive, and I think I really don’t want to head down that path (oh, but I will go there if you don’t come off weight!! *shakes fist at the sky*)

Am I going to let it screw up my day?
Nope. After realising that there are way more things in life I should be concerned with other than a paltry 300g, and that there was nothing yesterday I would do differently (oh fuck it. If I’d’ve known I’d be heavier, I would’ve eaten that bloody tomato and onion sandwich I wanted for lunch!), I shall just continue on with my life.

(but it’s bloody infuriating. Maybe it was the rice from two days ago. Does that happen??)

All in all, a good week :)

The running has been going well – I’m doing about 4K per day, plus 5 mins of pilates at the end of it (and yes, even with that little amount I’m noticing differences, that’s why I’ll try and keep it up!) – and so’s the eating.

For the most part. Yesterday I will admit I indulged in 2 doughnuts from Krispy Kreme (my 2nd and 3rd this year (I *think*), so it’s not like it’s a habit); my favourite is strawberry, then I had a half a chocolate topped chocolate doughnut, and half a round one with some sweet stuff inside (not custard though). I enjoyed them very much, and surprisingly, I wanted to go back and eat more (DAMN HIM for buying a box!), but I didn’t. I let myself have these treats when they are available and when I feel like them, but I’m not going to eat them just for the sake of eating them. I’m just greatful there’s no Krispy Kreme shop at the airport here!!

Oh, and I had half a martini. And I stopped at that half – and so did he – so that was a big win for me. Didn’t particularly notice the effect (which was great considering how crap I felt last time – maybe the doughnuts and sugar helped??), but I did drop off to sleep a little earlier. Unfortunately I’m also awake at 2am again, but at least that’s within my ‘normal’ range!

Hopefully today will pass quickly, I’ll get knocked off at lunch, and then I can go do those things that I need to do. :))

Will plan for a long run this weekend, we’ll see how that monsoon looks though – there was a huge lightening storm the other evening, and people got trapped in lifts all over town – very scary!


I have had the most fantastic weekend – it’s been so relaxing and unwinding, that I feel like I’ve had a whole month off work… so much so, that when I started to wake up at 5am I thought it was a work day – huzzah for having another day off!!

We got our tax back last week, which was a marked improvement on having to pay them last year (a big shout out to tax agents who actually give a damn!), so yesterday I ordered us a pair of shoes each, and two new running bras for me. In Australia, one pair of shoes is around $160, and the bras you can’t even buy. I had brought them from the states for $45 (plus $60 postage!), but not from Amazon. All up, I’m paying $220 for the four items, plus postage. And that, dear readers, is why they want internet sales in Australia banned. We’ll leave then – having the censorship noone asked for is bad enough… how come it’s not a crime against humanity when the country is supposedly ‘democratic’?


Yesterday we went for a little waddle, and some pilates afterwards. The lush of my life has back troubles, and has finally found a chiropractor that tells him to do exercises, rather than just collect the money for visits – and funnily enough, those exercises are pilates moves! The back of my shoulders are hurting this morning from doing an ‘oil rig’ move – unfortunately it’s too deep for my elbows, so I’ll have to adapt it… that crunching noise you hear? That’s NOT doing you good.

Today I’d like to do the same again, maybe run for a bit longer. I’m enjoying seeing my body change, cos the scales certainly aren’t – and that’s cool, as long as I know that SOMETHING is happening! Also time to get into meal planning and lunch making again. That should help them moving down again I hope… hehehe

Christmas is coming!

Right now I’m thinking about how Christmas in my family (as in many others I’m sure!) tends to revolve around eating a lot. This year it’s a bit harder, now that we’re on the healthy bandwagon, plus there’s a lot of items we just don’t eat anymore – so how to deal with that?
I’ve decided to do a bit of meal planning, and make the meal preparation the focus of the day. There will still be plenty of food, but not gluttonous amounts of what I’d consider ‘bad choices’… and there’s still going to be some of those too!
We’ll have to start with nibblies. I’ll need to look into those a bit more, as I’m not used to doing them – maybe vegetable sticks and dip? Soup… will try something new I think, I’m used to having soup as a main, and it really needs to complement the whole menu, so that’ll take some looking up. The lush has requested a ham, which the excess can be frozen for lunches etc, and I would like a roast something – we’ll be looking to buy that online… deserts, well, we’re likely to have two. Just because someone doesn’t like rasins in his apple pie while someone else does. At the least, it’ll mean two pies :). There will be some extra nuts and some gummi fruits in there too – just cos it’s Christmas!
So hopefully, we can have a fun family day without going too crazy. I’m actually really looking forward to it now – and not focusing what I can’t eat, but rather what I can.