It’s damn hot.

The temperature is actually cooler today – it’s only 31 degrees, but the relative humidity is up in the 65% range, making it just UGH.

Unfortunately for me, the air conditioner isn’t getting fixed until next week, so while I’d really like to have a little afternoon snooze, it’s unlikely to happen. I’m not really tired, it’s just one of those weekend lazy indulgences I like to have every now and then.

I’d also like to run. And go for a swim with my new groovy cap and goggles – but it’s too hot just yet to do those either. I’ll leave it for another hour or two I think.

(and it’s DEFINATELY too hot for housework!)


Stupid ear

Am not happy with my ear – makes me wonky and feel like throwing up. Particularly don’t like it while I’m driving and it goes stupid! Hopefully today will be a better day than yesterday, but I’m doubting it. Not planning on doing anything physical today; got a truck load of work on, and need to try and get the place together for the lush of my life, who comes home tonight at 11pm.

Ear, please be good today. You can be shitty again tomorrow, but please be nice today!