Today, I ran naked.

Almost. Clothes, shoes, watch. That’s it. No iphone, no gps, no ‘man in my ear’, no music, no water. I just went. And I remembered how nice it was just to run for the sake of running – not because I have to do A TIME or A DISTANCE, just because. It was me and my rythym, and I missed it without realising it.

On Sunday, I think I’m going to leave the iPhone at home. I’ll take the pod just in case I get bored with my thoughts, but I don’t think I’ll need to use it. In this age of computers and smart phones and telephones and televisions and everything, it’s completely normal to stay ‘plugged in’ for days on end. In my case, months. Running sans gear enables my mind to daydream and wander – that little recharge that we used to get travelling on public transport, or on a smoke break, or just zoning out. If I felt myself getting stressed out (the old ‘But it’s so far’ ‘But I’m thirsty’ crap 15 minutes in!), then I can just count my paces to center myself, and before long, I’m off in la-la land again.

As it was, I ran slow. 7 mins a kilometre, when I know I can do faster. Meh. I don’t care right now… being the fastest isn’t my goal, and that’s not why I’m doing it. I’m doing it because I can, because I want to. And because I’m going to finish. Last year I ran a half marathon with much less training than what I’ve done now. Maybe one day I’ll take it seriously and train with the big kids. Right now, I’m doing it for fun. I get enough stress in my life without having my ‘fun’ activity stressing me out more.


And I brought…

a nike+ thingy for the lush of my life’s new ipod touch. Silly me thought that the phone and the touch were the same, except that one can make phone calls –  I didn’t realise they had seperate apps! I feel like a dork… the running apps that map don’t work without the GPS – which requires internet access. So, we could spend another $128 for the wireless dongle for the touch (plus have to carry yet another piece of hardware), or get a whole iPhone setup (at $800 outright, plus $30 for access for a month – or $1750 for a 24 month contract) – OR I could get him the nike doodad for $31 from the Apple shop (interestingly enough, from the Nike Shop it costs $48 plus $8 postage!)

So I went with the Nike.

HOPEFULLY it’ll all work find and this will be the end of it.

And HOPEFULLY he won’t break it before we get a decent case for it…