Japan – here we come!

Two sleeps anna wakey!

Not packed a damn thing yet… we’ve got two days off work to do that, so I’m not fussed (at 6am – lets see how it is by this afternoone!). We’ll be taking the running gear, but I’m not sure how much running we’ll get in (if any), and at least there’ll be plenty of walking involved.

Eating for me will not involve rice (much), and soba noodles (cos they’re buckwheat rather than wheat). And rice crackers. And the strawberry krispy kreme doughnut I’m going to eat when we go through the international airport. Probably hate it given I’ve been ‘sugar free’ for one month tomorrow, but I’ll be really REALLY pissed off if I do, as I only eat the one brand, and given they’re not local, I only get the opportunity a couple of times a year – so I make myself eat them!



Sad indeed… poor Japan

I’ve woken up in the middle of the night (yet again) to the terrible pictures coming out from Japan… All I can do is hope that the death toll isn’t as much as I fear, and that the people were warned in time. It doesn’t really help that one paper is saying there’s over 80,000 missing in one area alone, and given the density of the population there, it is likely to get much worse.

How sad.