I don’t think that taking dairy out is making a difference

I’m still snotty. And the weight hasn’t miraculously fallen off, so I don’t see much point in continuing on with excluding diary.

At least it’s been a good exercise in showing that I can actually do it, and that I don’t particularly need it – but I’m missing my yoghurt a lot! Soy milk in coffee is a real hit and miss affair, and okay, I’m sure I can cut back on cheese to make it only for an extra special occasion. Maybe.

I’m happy that cutting out starches and sugars seems to have a beneficial effect on me, although it only seems to last for a week at a time. I was reading up on the weightloss plateau issue – and contrary to exercising more or eating less to get through it, it doesn’t work for everyone. So I guess I’ll just have to learn to suck it up, and keep doing what I’m doing because it’s the right thing to do. I’ve been lucky enough to lose weight this year, and while it’s not as much as I’d like, at least it’s better than what it was. And at least I know that when it doesn’t move, it’s not something that I’m doing wrong that’s making it stick.

Now all I have to do is remember that!


4.something something

Ugh. I’m glad I did PT this morning, because I surely don’t feel like it this afternoon.

We did sprints (yeah, no. think ‘jogging’) and stuff. Stuff being pushups and squats and side crunches, interspersed with more running. If nothing else, I got my heart rate up and all hot and sweaty, and I really think I managed to run a little faster between activities. Then again, I could’ve been kidding myself.

Dinner was home made pizzas on wrap bread, and I think I really would like another one, but I’ll ignore the groaning belly for at least half an hour before I act on it. Had a stinking headache all day, and didn’t drink anywhere near enough water I’m sure. Meh. My body’d better htfu!

Tomorrow morning is squash training – whatever the hell that will involve. I shall promise myself that if it’s not hard enough, then I WILL do something after work. Not sure what, but something.

(on a side note, the scales are still my friend. The highs and the lows are both lower than a month ago, so I must be doing something right. The tricky part will be to find the balance to make it sustainable in the long term, because this is more than weight loss, more than diet, and more than getting healthy. This is going to be my lifestyle.)