Sit rep

Lunch! The gluten free buns were a success, dispite being as bad for me as bread (I’ll just get grainy bread mix next time!), and the meat substitute (black bean) patties are still cooking… But they’re smelling damn good!

*Edit: The black bean patties were lacking in flavour. Completely and utterly, which is impressive, considering there was 3/4 onion, garlic, capsicum and curry powder in them. Texture wise, they were good. They stuck together well and had a good consistency – it was just the taste that was the issue… Dare say this can be rectified by using more vigorous helpings, as well as a sauce. Unfortunately we were out of chili sauce (do I LOOK psychic?!?), and the cumin powder had mould in it so had to be thrown out. Sad but true. I also think the mix needed to be halved (we’re not a family of four!), and there is definitely room for improvement before I post any kind of recipe for it. I’m glad I tried it.