Funny thing…

One of the ladies at work has asked me to beat her ass into shape this year. I think it’s funny, particularly as I have the will power of a chocolate frog. If it wasn’t for my friend asking me to go to the gym with her, I think I’d not be so keen. Sure I can work out a few circuits to do for 40 minutes at lunchtime… and hopefully the gym meisters will take over next week with their regular program of Circuits, MMA and Pilates at lunch.

I need to do more weight bearing exercises, so I think I’ll look up some of those now.


it’s getting harder to keep up

as things become second nature… you pay things off, pay less attention, and lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve.

I’ve been good this week – despite sounding like I have given up on myself. I’ve exercised nearly every day:

Mon – short 2.7 run after work
Tue – 5k run for PT
Wed – circuits in the morning (run, situps, pushups), pilates at lunch, 5K run with the club in the evening
Thur – nada. Left my shorts at home and was sore so had a day of rest!
Fri – 4k run for PT

My eating’s been good – have eaten 3 lunches at the mess, so they’ve been a bit bigger than what I’d make for myself, but they were healthy, and certainly not over sized meals.

Yet I still fail to make much headway on the scales. I know they’re not the most important thing to me, and I’m certainly not putting it on – but I can’t help wondering what will happen when I’m not doing so much exercise. Or perhaps I only *think* I’m doing exercise?

Just because it’s more than a couch potato would do, is it really enough?

I shall be able to test this over the next few weeks. The lush of my life will be on course during the day, so it’s highly unlikely that our lunchtimes will be spent together… for the first three days of the week I will be able to do lunchtime classes at the gym, as well as the usual PT sessions in the morning. Plus, as at 31 Oct I will go back to more rigourously policed PT sessions, where I can’t just bugger off and go for a run wherever it takes me. I am missing cross training, and will need to look forward to the challenge, because otherwise I will just fucking HATE every second of it before, after and during the sessions. Which sucks balls actually and makes life harder. I like a session that is challenging, but that I’m capable of completing – and feeling proud of myself that I actually did it. Those are really good sessions.

I’m going to die. *sigh*