It’s the weekend again.

And the lush of my life has a friend staying, and I’ve eaten far too much this weekend – including Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Dammitall. I only wanted ONE… I just wish they were all gone so I didn’t have to think about them anymore.

On the plus side, the running has been going well, and I haven’t had any alcohol since Thursdays half a martini. Would still like to find a half martini glass – just because!

My Simple Savings $21 Challenge book arrived too, so I’m quite excited to start. Very basically, it teaches you to go through everything in your fridge and pantry and use that stuff for meals, before going out and buying more, with the idea being that you should spend around $21 a week on buying the extra ingredients. Naturally it’s not for every week, but for when you need to make the budget stretch, or like us – when you have a pantry full of bits and pieces that need to be culled. It was a lot easier when we were planning 3 days at a time… then I got lazy. I need to get back on track with it again, and that’s going to be the big goal for this year: Master (and maintain!) the art of menu planning, start bloody cooking again, and save some money in the process. I’ve been such a procrastinator this year, despite running so many kilometres other aspects of my life have taken a bit of a back seat. I need to get it straightened out – or it’ll just get worse.

Baby steps!

(I might even put the planning in here, just in case anyone needs motivating/inspiration one day. Plus it’ll keep me on the right track … maybe??)



Christmas is coming!

Right now I’m thinking about how Christmas in my family (as in many others I’m sure!) tends to revolve around eating a lot. This year it’s a bit harder, now that we’re on the healthy bandwagon, plus there’s a lot of items we just don’t eat anymore – so how to deal with that?
I’ve decided to do a bit of meal planning, and make the meal preparation the focus of the day. There will still be plenty of food, but not gluttonous amounts of what I’d consider ‘bad choices’… and there’s still going to be some of those too!
We’ll have to start with nibblies. I’ll need to look into those a bit more, as I’m not used to doing them – maybe vegetable sticks and dip? Soup… will try something new I think, I’m used to having soup as a main, and it really needs to complement the whole menu, so that’ll take some looking up. The lush has requested a ham, which the excess can be frozen for lunches etc, and I would like a roast something – we’ll be looking to buy that online… deserts, well, we’re likely to have two. Just because someone doesn’t like rasins in his apple pie while someone else does. At the least, it’ll mean two pies :). There will be some extra nuts and some gummi fruits in there too – just cos it’s Christmas!
So hopefully, we can have a fun family day without going too crazy. I’m actually really looking forward to it now – and not focusing what I can’t eat, but rather what I can.