And for Friday, I did some weights

still half assed as I’m just making shit up and quitting when I get a) sore or b) bored.

I’ll do better next week – promise.

No running today, sore throat and all you see… *cough*… Will go in the morning, as I guess I’ll wake up at the crack of dawn and as I’ve no reason to stay in bed atm… 🙂 Then off to watch the welcome home parade for the troops, then to visit a sick friend/ work collegue, then home to do housework. I promise I’ll cook dinner tomorrow – tonight consisted of kanga bangers (yummo!) and half a tub of soy yoghurt and fruit. Talk about the munchies – I don’t know what came over me… it doesn’t happen often at all. Very odd. Seems to have gone away now though. Cross fingers!


Bah, humbug!

I was really really really looking forward to this afternoons run. And what happened? I couldn’t find where they were meeting! Apparently where Google says the surf club is, and where the rest of city thinks it is, are two different places. And I am ever so pissed.


Today would’ve been a good day, if I’d have been able to do PT in the morning. Couldn’t. If I’d been able to do pilates at lunch?  Couldn’t. If I’d been able to stay for the whole 40 min stretching class that they put on in lieu of pilates? Couldn’t. And no run this afternoon. Did I mention I was REALLY looking forward to it? Spent the best part of an hour doing the squash thing, but what I really really wanted, was a cross country run.


Tomorrow. Nada. Squash in the afternoon. Might do my swim in the evening.