It’s quite funny

I think I’ve started off the new year really well, and I’m very pleased with myself… then I realise that it’s only Jan 3rd, and I’ve only just woken up. How is it that the year feels like it’s at least two weeks in already?!?

I’ve managed to run twice – The Race Epic on Jan 1, and another 5K last night – I did the beginner Pilates on New Years Day, but none yesterday. I really feel like I should get up and do some now, but I need to feel caffeine coursing through my veins first! Another week off work, which is just absolute bliss for me… unfortunately the lush of my life appears to have picked up the flu during his last trip down south the other day. Nose, ears, throat, aches, pains and temperature. Poor darling! It seems to be progressing at a rapid rate of knotts (as in 24hrs ago he had a ‘bit of a sore throat’), so I’m hoping (crossing fingers and toes!!) that he’ll be through the worst of it today and on the mend. He’s pretty damn healthy atm, so he’s got that in his favour, and yes, I’m biting my tongue as I write!.

There’s a couple of things I’d like to put on my wish list this year: 

  • The local Pilates class on Tuesday nights. One of the other ladies at work has been in the past and said she’d like to go again, so I will have company. I’m a shy, retiring creature at heart you see…
  • Orienteering. There’s a local club I’ve only just found out about (the thing in Australia I’ve found, is that no town knows how to market themselves properly, everything is buried and hidden!) who have a ‘try before you buy’ type day on 26 Jan (aka ‘Invasion Day’), so I might drag the lush along to that too. Both of us have limited compass skills over such fine distances (we don’t have a problem with back bearings or calling in air support, it’s just that there’s little requirement for the finer compass work in our jobs – we’re not humping around by foot!), so I think it’s a good opportunity for us to improve our skills, meet people (okay. to grunt and nod in the general direction of people other than those we work with!), and get out of the damn house!
  • Meditation. I think the time is right. I’ve been loathe to meditate in the past, as I don’t like being vulnerable… the senses are either switched off, or inward looking, and if they’re not looking out…!! I downloaded an app to my iPhone (pathetic? we’ll see.), plus one for tai chi, so I’m going to give them a go. I’ve had no luck finding a tai chi place in Darwin, which is odd given there’s a fair few Chinese here – it’s probably an underground movement! Anyhoo, perhaps it will help with my shitty sleep pattern. Anything’s worth a try I guess.


We’re supposed to be picking up the new car today… but I don’t know if that will happen. There’s always tomorrow… well. Usually a tomorrow… (sorry, a bit maudlin – one of the guys from running club died from a brain tumour on NYD – he was 49, and he’d had it for 2 years… Although I didn’t know him personally, being relatively close in age makes me realise that each day is precious. Maybe instead of feeling sad, I should enjoy today instead. Okay, I know I should, but it’s not that simple. Perhaps that’s what I need to focus on 🙂


Today is my first day of hols!

And I’ve been soooo looking forward to it… that I’ll probably have to go into work this morning to do what should’ve been done before I left yesterday (earlier than usual, and still 2 hours after everyone else!), and to double check on things seeming as there’s a pending cyclone in the area. I don’t mind, it’s what we do – that’s why we get paid the big bucks. hehe

And EXERCISE! Today, I will exercise. I would like to fit in: a run, some cardio, some pilates, the 8 min ab challenge that I’m challenged to do for 3 weeks, squash (or tennis, depending on weather and inclination at the time), as well as christmas shopping, christmas biscuit/cookie ingredient shopping, cyclone prep, cyclone shopping, booking flights for my mother, checking out a car yard, and the aforementioned going into work (just for a BIT).

Yay for holidays!!

2012? Bring it!

This year has been pretty awesome – work’s been good, home’s been great. We’ve been on holidays overseas, kept our heads above water, and haven’t killed anyone (of note…:)

Next year I’m hoping will continue in a similar vein, although things are a bit unpredictable with work commitments unlikely to be finalised until the last minute at the earliest, two weeks after at worst. Nevertheless, I’m going to try and jot down some things I’d like to do during the year… although those that know me well also know that I suck at making goals. Oh well here goes…

  1. I’d like to make soap. I love home made soaps, but baulk at paying $6 a piece for something that is a ‘want’, rather than a ‘need’. If I make it myself I don’t need to feel guilty, and with a bit of luck I’ll be able to share the love. I’ll try a kit first, but it’s cheaper to do it all from scratch – but I need to know it’ll work! The intent is to make soap and shampoo and conditioner and washing liquid, mainly because I can control what’s in it, but also because it’s (supposedly) cheaper and better than commercially produced stuff.
  2. I want to keep running. This will be difficult if work starts to cramp my style.
  3. If work cramps my style, I need to have another focus other than running. I choose pilates. One of the gals from work has said she’s going to start again next year, so I’ll go with her. I like to hurt in company, apparently.
  4. I’d like to do some sewing. I haven’t done any for many years, and I feel the need to be able to make some cheap lightweight pants for the summer months. Everything in the shops up here is either southern based (ie. They do WINTER), or hippie style, which I do like, but srsly… there’s a limit. And a time. And a place.
  5. Financial responsibility and decluttering is to commence forthwith. Refer t’other blog HERE.
  6. He wants to kyack. Hell, I can’t even spell it. But I’ll buy him one… 🙂


I have had the most fantastic weekend – it’s been so relaxing and unwinding, that I feel like I’ve had a whole month off work… so much so, that when I started to wake up at 5am I thought it was a work day – huzzah for having another day off!!

We got our tax back last week, which was a marked improvement on having to pay them last year (a big shout out to tax agents who actually give a damn!), so yesterday I ordered us a pair of shoes each, and two new running bras for me. In Australia, one pair of shoes is around $160, and the bras you can’t even buy. I had brought them from the states for $45 (plus $60 postage!), but not from Amazon. All up, I’m paying $220 for the four items, plus postage. And that, dear readers, is why they want internet sales in Australia banned. We’ll leave then – having the censorship noone asked for is bad enough… how come it’s not a crime against humanity when the country is supposedly ‘democratic’?


Yesterday we went for a little waddle, and some pilates afterwards. The lush of my life has back troubles, and has finally found a chiropractor that tells him to do exercises, rather than just collect the money for visits – and funnily enough, those exercises are pilates moves! The back of my shoulders are hurting this morning from doing an ‘oil rig’ move – unfortunately it’s too deep for my elbows, so I’ll have to adapt it… that crunching noise you hear? That’s NOT doing you good.

Today I’d like to do the same again, maybe run for a bit longer. I’m enjoying seeing my body change, cos the scales certainly aren’t – and that’s cool, as long as I know that SOMETHING is happening! Also time to get into meal planning and lunch making again. That should help them moving down again I hope… hehehe

And another day passes…

I didn’t want to go for a run tonight – I was tired and cranky after starting a long day at 4am after yet another crap nights sleep, it was hot (it’s always hot. only the humidity varies.), and my knee was sore (unknown – perhaps I crossed my legs at some stage?) – PLUS I’ve already done 6 days, surely I can rest for ONE???

The lush of my life wanted to go. He looked worse than I did, and he still wanted to go. 100K in a month? Wasn’t that his bloody idea in the first place? Didn’t I say ‘Challenge accepted’ in a public arena? So I had a teaspoon of HTFU, rubbed some tiger balm into my knee, and off we went.

I knew he was tired, cos he kept up with me. Normally, that’s a bad enough thing in itself, but today I decided to start the 5K plan I’ve loaded off miCoach (yes, I know they shit me to tears. But it’s so COMFY!), and there was a lot of ‘blue zone’ running – aka the kind of pace you feel bad for being that slow, and wish your shirt said: ‘I’m not running slow, I’m training for an ultra!’- so it was UBER slow for him. And if that wasn’t bad enough, once we’d cooled down, I did some pilates – the same exercise that I started and abandoned the other day. And it was still tough. But – I made it all the way through (okay, so I suck at it, but everyone has to start somewhere, right???), and then he gave it a go. He’d said he would do it with me next time, after my first effort when I said how sore it was but how good I thought it would be, and he did. No prompting required.

I’m so lucky to have someone in my life who tolerates – nay, EMBRACES- my follies and foibles. He cooks and eats quinoa and lentils, runs with me and lets me cry on his shoulder when the scales hate me, without being patronising or condescending. Okay, so he’s probably just really, really good at pretending he’s interested, but that works for me.

He’s the bestest bestershischist ever.

Where to start?

It was turning out to be such a crap month…  with the crappy knee and the crappy sickness and just general crap…

It’s not actually got much better, but at least now I’m doing something, which makes me feel a little better about myself at any rate. While I can’t change everything, I can at least be keeping my self in check – I guess 🙂

I’ve managed to run every day for 6 days in a row, and the lush of my life and I have begun a Km101 challenge – 100 kilometres in one month. The distance isn’t impossible, but it will take some dedication, which I’ve been lacking of late, so I’m looking forward to it.

I managed to get a new PR on my BFA run today – 2.4K in 13 minutes flat. While not earth shattering for some, for this black duck it is a huge goal of mine that I never really thought I’d crack. Only a year ago, just passing in 15:30 was a great feat, and anything under that was a bonus. I can’t help wondering how much the assessment I ran yesterday for the miCoach helped today, which would be karma as I recall thinking ‘what a waste of time that was’ once I found my average pace for the assessment was the same I’d normally run. Mentally, I can’t comprehend the fact that I walked a good 3 minutes as part of the test, so the fact that I felt like I’d run my little ass off really *meant* I’d run my little ass off! Feeling a little more inspired to try the training programs now, in case it was that rather than sheer dumb ass luck – despite giving the man talking in my ear the flick many months ago as being too controlling, and fucking with my chi.

Today the run was amazing, in that I ran a good pace – I ran, not waddled – and although I don’t believe I ran hard (as opposed to yesterday’s assessment where I was breathing like a chainsaw!), I had my best time yet.

So today I will bask in the glow of knowing I did a good job, and tomorrow morning I will get up early and do some pilates before work, seeming as I have no PT. I tried it yesterday, and decided that due to the BFA today I was better off not straining my arms too much, which was a good call on my part – I managed 15 push ups, and they were harder than they should’ve been. So given that I did so little pilates yesterday and yet can feel it so much today, means that it must be a good thing. I hope so – I’d like to get my core strength happening, as it’s just going to get harder as I get older.

I’d like to have a belly, so I can get my belly button pierced 🙂

this week’s not been too bad actually

I’m pleasantly surprised.

Sunday was a quick 1.5K run and a paddle around the pool,
Monday was a nothing day I think. Don’t remember resting, but I guess I did
Tuesday was a 4.6K run in 29:18 the morning (Oh the humidity!!), plus MMA circuits (far too many squats – and kettle bells? keep those suckers!)
Wednesday was Cardio circuits at the gym in the morning (with Mr Squats again!!), plus pilates for lunch.
Thursday was a LSD after lunch – 5.5K in 38:37. In 33 degree heat. DAMN HOT!

Tomorrow we have another 8K forced march in 1:30. I’m not going to lie when I say I am NOT looking forward to it in the slightest, esp with the hammering my legs have had this week. I will however, give it a crack, and give it my best shot. If that’s not good enough, fuck them. I don’t care.

Here’s my weekly roundup in the wrong page. Meh. My blog – sue me.

a. My quads are killing me. I am walking like a troll so I don’t have to use my thigh muscles. And this afternoon – my abs are sore. Didn’t know I had any, so I’m thinking something in the circuits is doing me some good. I’ll attempt to keep it up while the lush is away on course, and maybe con him into going after he gets back.

b. Yesterday was my first experience at pilates. Some chick I never met before was leaning over me pushing my legs straight up towards my head as I was lying on my back. I’d like to think she’d buy me dinner before getting up so close and personal, but oh well. I don’t know if I liked it, but people rave about it, and I know stretching is good for me. On the plus side, it’s free. And it’s once a week, so that’s another thing I’m going to try and keep up.

c. I can handle running in the heat, as long as I:

  1. Don’t eat so much before I go. Two lunches worth is NOT the way to go,
  2. Hydrate constantly beforehand. All damn day. Till it’s coming out my ears, and
  3. Remember that I will run slower, feel worse and probably hate at least the second half. It’s about DOING, not about breaking records.

d. I think I’d like to give swimming another go – but I don’t like those earplugs I have. The cap is groovy, but the earplugs are a little hard. I wonder if squishy sound plugs will work? Maybe I’ll visit the sports shop on the weekend…

e. I seem to have not lost any weight on the scales this week, but I definately feel better now that I’m finding my groove again. Been hungry this week too, which is okay, but I’ve been eating, which isn’t so good. At least I’ve been eating the right foods, just more than what I’d usually eat. Guess you have to take the hungry with the not hungry. It’ll even out I’m sure. Hopefully the scales are like that because I’ve put on so much muscle doing squats and pilates (mhmm – an hour class will do that to a gal!), but I’m not worried. I feel good 🙂