Where to start?

It was turning out to be such a crap month…  with the crappy knee and the crappy sickness and just general crap…

It’s not actually got much better, but at least now I’m doing something, which makes me feel a little better about myself at any rate. While I can’t change everything, I can at least be keeping my self in check – I guess 🙂

I’ve managed to run every day for 6 days in a row, and the lush of my life and I have begun a Km101 challenge – 100 kilometres in one month. The distance isn’t impossible, but it will take some dedication, which I’ve been lacking of late, so I’m looking forward to it.

I managed to get a new PR on my BFA run today – 2.4K in 13 minutes flat. While not earth shattering for some, for this black duck it is a huge goal of mine that I never really thought I’d crack. Only a year ago, just passing in 15:30 was a great feat, and anything under that was a bonus. I can’t help wondering how much the assessment I ran yesterday for the miCoach helped today, which would be karma as I recall thinking ‘what a waste of time that was’ once I found my average pace for the assessment was the same I’d normally run. Mentally, I can’t comprehend the fact that I walked a good 3 minutes as part of the test, so the fact that I felt like I’d run my little ass off really *meant* I’d run my little ass off! Feeling a little more inspired to try the training programs now, in case it was that rather than sheer dumb ass luck – despite giving the man talking in my ear the flick many months ago as being too controlling, and fucking with my chi.

Today the run was amazing, in that I ran a good pace – I ran, not waddled – and although I don’t believe I ran hard (as opposed to yesterday’s assessment where I was breathing like a chainsaw!), I had my best time yet.

So today I will bask in the glow of knowing I did a good job, and tomorrow morning I will get up early and do some pilates before work, seeming as I have no PT. I tried it yesterday, and decided that due to the BFA today I was better off not straining my arms too much, which was a good call on my part – I managed 15 push ups, and they were harder than they should’ve been. So given that I did so little pilates yesterday and yet can feel it so much today, means that it must be a good thing. I hope so – I’d like to get my core strength happening, as it’s just going to get harder as I get older.

I’d like to have a belly, so I can get my belly button pierced 🙂


I surprised myself a bit today…

I did a 5K run this morning for a PR of 31:28… and then did one in the evening with the running club for 32:34. The evening run was the track I’ve run previously, with the downhill on the way there, uphill on the way back, and I did walk a bit this time, but I still managed to improve on last time I did it, which was 33:30 ish time. I’m happy about that, but happier that I actually did the run this evening. Not so long ago when I was invited by the lush of my life to go for a run in the evening, I responded with ‘Nope, already done one today!’!!And now look at me!

So today I decided to run all by myself. And I’m so pleased my ear is doing so well – here’s hoping it continues to improve until I forget all about it!