I went for a run. All by myself. On a Saturday. In the morning. I do have witnesses if you need confirmation!

The lush of my life left early to go on a fishing charter I got him for Christmas (no eating fish, but he says he had fun, and that’s the main thing), so I was awake early, lying in bed, listening to all the squalling brats in the neighbourhood taking turns at pissing me off, when I decided to go for a run.

Unfortunately, I had left both pairs of shoes at work (I wore the spares on Friday when I ran the PT sessioin – killer circuits. They hating now. They’ll hate me worse next time!), and as I had to go and pick them up, I decided I’d check out the rest of the fire break along the fence. I have no idea why I decided to do that – I hate running on dirt at the best of times, and uneven ground – BLEH! (I blame the lush of my life for not being there to point this out to my addled sleep deprived brain) But I went.

Started off feeling very enthusiastic, pumped, motivated etc etc, and got to 5k and decided ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’. So I kept going. And the going got harder and harder: mentally – physically it was just a pain in the ass. I think it was because I was slower due to the uneven ground (Note to self – Yeah? Then why did you want to give it the ass BEFORE the ground got really shitty?), which fucked me up mentally – although the primary objective (Start) had been reached, and the secondary objective (Quit your whining and do it) was well under way. Plus I drank a whole camelbak, so I may have actually been dehydrated. Memo to me – drink before starting. Other thing I’d like to try for longer runs, is eating beforehand (like half an hour), just to see if it makes any difference. I don’t feel hungry, but I’d like to check if there’s a performance effect before the halfa in two weeks…

I find I like (is ‘like’ too strong a word?) running (okay, waddling) over paths I’ve already done before. I have done them and know I can do them again. Probably a confidence thing – I don’t know my body running well enough yet, we’re just getting to know each other. The track yesterday was half known, so it’ll be  interesting to try it again (maybe I shall do that tomorrow morning for PT?), and I’m not concerned about the slow time. Honest.

So yesterday, I achieved: Start, Go, 30 mins, 5K, 1hr, 10K, Finish.

That’s really not so bad after all.



Am still alive, and feeling much improved after a week of antibiotics… I went and got another weeks worth just in case, and hopefully will feel back to normal (sure…) in another week. Today I even managed PT, which was a warm up jog, a circuit class for the best part of an hour, and a jog back. I just measured the warm up and cool down jogs… 1.5k and 1k respectively. No wonder it took me so long to stop sweating afterwards!

I’m getting more impressed with my keeping up in a group session now – I can actually do it! That is of course provided they’re not going TOO damn fast. Tomorrow is squash in the morning, and I’m hoping to do boxing at lunch. And it’s also the day that the pilates class is supposed to be starting. I’ll see how I feel after work, I so don’t like getting sweaty with strangers I have nothing in common with. Such a prude…

Monday, Monday…

After having a complete day of sloth yesterday (and I do mean sloth!), today it was back into it.

Circuits was the name of the game today – various workouts in a wagon wheel setup in the middle of a court – one set of an activity, then change to running around the outside. Sprint down the long side, slower on the short side, then into the next activity. I would’ve really quite enjoyed it if my knee hadn’t have started to dick me around… but you get that. I got sweaty and breathless and sore, and that was the main point of the exercise.

Interestingly enough, I even felt like doing more exercise when I got home. I didn’t, as I had to cook and have a sinus headache, but I’m amazed that I even FELT like it. That’s a big thing for me peeps.

Tomorrow is squash in the morning, and maybe squash and a swim in the afternoon. There’s also a boxercise class at lunch, so I’ve packed my mitts. Hopefully I’ll be up for it!

(ha – even considered doing more physical activity after work. hehehehe. Must be the end of the world or something…)

4.something something

Ugh. I’m glad I did PT this morning, because I surely don’t feel like it this afternoon.

We did sprints (yeah, no. think ‘jogging’) and stuff. Stuff being pushups and squats and side crunches, interspersed with more running. If nothing else, I got my heart rate up and all hot and sweaty, and I really think I managed to run a little faster between activities. Then again, I could’ve been kidding myself.

Dinner was home made pizzas on wrap bread, and I think I really would like another one, but I’ll ignore the groaning belly for at least half an hour before I act on it. Had a stinking headache all day, and didn’t drink anywhere near enough water I’m sure. Meh. My body’d better htfu!

Tomorrow morning is squash training – whatever the hell that will involve. I shall promise myself that if it’s not hard enough, then I WILL do something after work. Not sure what, but something.

(on a side note, the scales are still my friend. The highs and the lows are both lower than a month ago, so I must be doing something right. The tricky part will be to find the balance to make it sustainable in the long term, because this is more than weight loss, more than diet, and more than getting healthy. This is going to be my lifestyle.)

Beer o’clock


This morning my excercise consisted of running up and down a paddock carrying half a box, then crawling along the soaking wet ground.

Downside: I don’t like being wet.

Upside: They pay me for it.

Overall, it’s possibly the first PT session that I came away thinking ‘that was piss easy’ – which in itself was more than a little scary. There I was, soaked to the bone, filthy dirty and covered in bits of grass, sweating like a pig, and breathing in heaves, thinking ‘That was way too easy’.

So, who’s fault was it? The instructor for not pushing? Or mine for not pushing back?

Personally I’m still in shock from the relevation, so I’ll leave it on that note. Dinner was a pasta bol, cos we’re out of spaghetti. Apparently. Don’t you love it when things you *knew* were there, aren’t?  And despite the fact that you’re the one that either does the shopping, or makes the shopping list – noone sees fit to tell you that we need to buy some? Meh, it was lovely anyway, with mince, tomatoe based pasta sauce, onion, capsicum and a little grated cheese over the top. Nom nom nom. Now the trick will be to have just the right amount, and not to go back and clean up the leftovers by eating them – there’s definately enough for lunch tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, I’m going to do the sprints again. It’s that time of the week, and it’s my last opportunity. Despite all the good work I’ve put in this week physically, the running side has been let down a bit lot, so I feel the need to absolve myself. Morning sounds good to me, so that’s what I’ll aim for. I’ve even turned off the alarm in the hope that I’ll sleep till it’s light, but I bet it won’t happen.

Oh, and the beer?

I drunk it.