Today is my first day of hols!

And I’ve been soooo looking forward to it… that I’ll probably have to go into work this morning to do what should’ve been done before I left yesterday (earlier than usual, and still 2 hours after everyone else!), and to double check on things seeming as there’s a pending cyclone in the area. I don’t mind, it’s what we do – that’s why we get paid the big bucks. hehe

And EXERCISE! Today, I will exercise. I would like to fit in: a run, some cardio, some pilates, the 8 min ab challenge that I’m challenged to do for 3 weeks, squash (or tennis, depending on weather and inclination at the time), as well as christmas shopping, christmas biscuit/cookie ingredient shopping, cyclone prep, cyclone shopping, booking flights for my mother, checking out a car yard, and the aforementioned going into work (just for a BIT).

Yay for holidays!!


I spent more money.

I was reading a blog earlier today (love love LOVE Tumblr!) and the author was discussing nutrient gels, and it dawned on me that maybe I died in the ass due to lack of nutrients? Hell, can’t hurt to try them – they’re so gross you’d only eat them out of dire necessity (having eaten several in Timor, where we “tidied up” after the Tour de Timor endurance bike race in 2009…

Had a look at the price of Gu gels here – individual packs sell for $3.40 in the shop, and a box of 24 will set you back between $65 (on special) and $72 (also on special – supposedly down from $92)… Yet in the US, they are $25 for a mixed box (which is not even an available option here), and although the price of postage is $60 (stay with me here), the savings I made on my shoes ($88 from the US vs $200 in Australia) made it an easy choice. Incidentally, my shoes got here just fine, and even though they are the most godawful boring grey colour, they’ll do the job very well.

That’s $112 saved on the shoes, and $1 extra spent on the Gu. Actually, that’s not quite right – cos I also got a pair of Under Armour shorts for $30. They’re 50 in the shop here, as are their singlets, which I was drooling over earlier today. I’m going to see how this sale goes, and may well be back to order more. Stay tuned!

The shop?