Today is my first day of hols!

And I’ve been soooo looking forward to it… that I’ll probably have to go into work this morning to do what should’ve been done before I left yesterday (earlier than usual, and still 2 hours after everyone else!), and to double check on things seeming as there’s a pending cyclone in the area. I don’t mind, it’s what we do – that’s why we get paid the big bucks. hehe

And EXERCISE! Today, I will exercise. I would like to fit in: a run, some cardio, some pilates, the 8 min ab challenge that I’m challenged to do for 3 weeks, squash (or tennis, depending on weather and inclination at the time), as well as christmas shopping, christmas biscuit/cookie ingredient shopping, cyclone prep, cyclone shopping, booking flights for my mother, checking out a car yard, and the aforementioned going into work (just for a BIT).

Yay for holidays!!



I’m starting to feel crummy – my ear is not being kind… although it’s not hurting, it’s making me feel very wonky, and I don’t like it. I had a dizzy spell at work, so I have to go back and see the doc in the morning. She reckons there’s pressure behind it, and I’m betting it’s water from the pool. Damn my eardrums (but not so’s they stop working or get worse pls. thx)!

Did squash for an hour – which was good to shake out the cobwebs. My back was a little sore this morning from boxing on Tues and the run yesterday, but seems to have come good once I tripped over my feet and almost assed up on the court. I’m SO glad noone was looking, I felt like a right dork!

Tuesday again

This morning – squash for an hour.

Lunchtime – boxercise for 35 mins.

After work – shopping. I needed food. Coulda gone to play squash again, or that swim I’ve been promising myself, but didn’t. Lost momentum by then, and am just chilling now.

Tomorrow is nothing in the morning (opening up at work), and pilates at lunch (hopefully will be there for that!), and then the cross country in the afternoon. Everything’s packed and ready to go – and I’m looking forward to it.

Is that sad??


What a day!

I’m glad that’s over. After starting far too early, spending all morning standing up or kneeling, scarfing lunch in 20 mins, I went and did squash drills for half an hour (notice I’m using the term ‘squash drills’ to 1. Imply that I know what I’m doing, and 2. That I’m actually good enough to be repeating stuff for practice. Neither would be actually true. And I’m not putting a disclaimer on here!) That was enough…

I’m tired. Tomorrow is a whole day of standing and kneeling, so I don’t know what I’ll do for an activity. Maybe I’ll go for a swim and try out that 75m objective?


Wow – a truly riveting day today. Not.

This morning I got to warm up doing squash drills for 10mins, and then got to watch other people playing squash badly for 45 more soul destroying minutes.

So when I got home today, I went to the gym and did my drills for half an hour. That was quite enough.

I’m still planning on doing the 5k tomorrow, but I won’t be able to do a run in the morning unfortunately. So that’s even less excuse not to do it…