Okay, I got this.

Things I’ve been eating lately and know I shouldn’t be:

ice cream (even the soy stuff)
chocolate (even the sugar free diary free stuff)
biscuits and cake (they’re just so not worth it anyway)
bread (how about we go back to 2 slices on the weekends, hmmm?)
juice (remember how grossly sweet and thick it tasted? Before you drank the rest of the carton that is!)
huge meals (are just bullshit. You know it. Portion size is the BOMB!)

There you go. It’s all out there in all its awful truth.

And I need to remember that people out there have it way worse than me as far as eating habits and addictions go. So STFU and get on with the program.

 20 days till D Day. That’s Departure Day. 🙂