Am currently waiting for one of the medical fraternity to tell me I’m sick and to go home. In 50 mins, they’ve called one person. Actually I’m kind’ve grateful that I’m not seriously ill- but if I was, they wouldve seen me by now. Jerks.
Have been up for the most part since 2 am, and a lot of getting up close and personal with the toilet- shall we leave it at that?
More annoyed that I won’t get my run in today, but i’ll put in extra once I can get outside again (if you catch my drift)… Grumbles. And not just my stomach…


Yes, I was right

it’s 0330, and I’m lying in bed awake. Again. It’s been one of those nights (to make up for the 5 solid hours I got yesterday I’m sure!) where if you wake up once, you wake up 20 times. It’s like I’m waiting to do something, so I’m going to tell myself I’m waiting to go for a run.

But I don’t like running in the dark – there really are no street lights – even though it is cooler, my stride (please note nerdy running type jargon slipped in there) goes off and I hammer my heels more. The road will still be there when it is light, I’m fairly certain of that.