Way in…

Today is Sunday 6 Feb, and it’s 180.4 pounds.

Pounds sounds better than kilograms because the measurements are finer. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Today I’ve had 1/3 cup museli, half a small bananna and a cup (ish) of milk, 2 pcs of bread for lunch, and an orange for dinner. Yeah, I know it’s not enough, but my guts are crook atm from the antibiotics I’m on, so I’m not really caring.


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  1. and a week after the last way in – I way 180.2 again. It’s gone up and down, but all I’ve done this week is eat crap and no excercise (due to cyclonic activity in the form of ‘Carlos’, so I’m using that one), so I’m pretty happy. Next week, no excuses. I’ll just start week 2 again. It’ll be Week 2.1

  2. How is it that this morning I was 179.3, and I was happy with that, and then this afternoon, after eating and drinking, it was back to 180.2. Which I like, cos it’s still less than 82kg. 🙂

  3. On Feb 6, I was 180.4. Today, twenty days later, I’m 177.1 – which I don’t particularly believe, but meh, we’ll see what it is next week. That’s minus 3.3 pounds. The advantage of working in imperial – I have no fucking idea if that’s good or not.
    I’m chosing to say yes. Most definately yes.

  4. On the 6th of March, I was something rediculous like 175.5, so I’m ignoring that for now, and knowing I can be there soon.
    Today on 8 Mar, I’m 177.1, and I’m not thinking that’s a joke so much anymore. Eating more helps – my body goes into starvation mode if it thinks it’s not getting enough to eat, and it won’t let go of anything. I can even have a piece of chocolate at night!

  5. I think I must’ve plateaued, seeming as I’m still comfortably 177.1. Best I go and buy me some chocolate in case my body’s gone into starvation mode – which is what I think is happening.

  6. I think Fridays might be my ‘Skinny Day’… it’s 18th March, and I’m 175.
    Bet I weigh more tomorrow, but I’m going to maintain the rage, and try and eat more again today.
    It’s SO hard when you’re not hungry!

  7. Sat 26 Mar. Yesterday the scales weren’t loving me, so I ignored them dispite friday usually being my skinny day. Today I’m 174.5, which I am surprised at. Pleasantly so, but surprised nonetheless given I’ve eaten badly all week

  8. apparently I need to be 164ish to have a BMI that is not overweight. I’m not actually a big fan of BMI, due to it really being based on bullshit, but it’s a little goal I can look towards – and I have to remember that once upon a time not that long ago, I was at the very high end of overweight (and even into the ‘obese’ figures on some scales!) once upon a time!

  9. It’s Friday again… and it’s 174. I don’t think it counts as I’m not eating well due to having crappy ear making me feel like nauseous. Puts one off eating if there’s a concern it might have to come up again! We’ll see what it is tomorrow, IF today is a good day. And I’m having my doubts already…

  10. Friday… and I missed a week cos I wasn’t feeling the love last week.
    This week things are better and it’s down to 172.7. Finally it’s moving now that I am… I still have to remember to eat more though.

  11. Seeming as last week was Easter… I decided that too many eggs and buns were the order of the day – plus no excercise meant no point in getting on the scales. So I didn’t bother.
    And today is Friday 29 April. And today I weighed, just on the off chance, and find I’m 172.5. Which is good, because it’s certainly not what I was expecting to be.

  12. Whoops – I didn’t realise it’d been so long… I have been feeling fat since I went away, so I haven’t bothered weighing myself properly. And with the paleo diet they say not to weigh yourself during it, but meh.
    Today I am 173.6, which is not my Easter weight, but not too bad a starting point either – so now we have to see where I end up after 30 days on the paleo trip. 🙂

  13. Paleo wasn’t right for me – I had that niggly feeling it wasn’t, and as the week wore on I realised that it was an exclusionary diet, which I don’t actually want to do – mainly because I’m a believer in everything in moderation (even the crap!), and I’m trying to achieve a lifestyle thing here.
    So I kicked it into touch after about 6 days of carb starving. Mind you, I’m eating way less carbs now, which is also a good thing (as I also believe that too many carbs are not good for me!), and I’m *trying* meal replacements. Am only having one a day, as a) I’m not in that much of a hurry, and b) I don’t eat that badly, so we’ll see how it goes. I just want the weight to SHIFT!
    So today, at the other end of the month from my last post, I come in at 171.2.
    And I’ve just realised that I lost a kilo in a month again, even though I thought it was going nowhere… hell. How bout that?

  14. The past week has been difficult, due to feeling I needed to carb load for the run, realising that all I had was one beer and a small pasta meal before, and two beers after, and losing fuck all weight over 21K. Go figure.
    At the end of the week, I’m 159.9 – which is hardly anything less, but it’s moved down over the past day. If I don’t exercise, then I don’t loose weight. If I eat sugar or carbs, then I don’t loose weight.
    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat ‘normally’ again!
    Mind you, the no milk thing hasn’t helped the post nasal drip much, so I think we can give that the ass after Japan. I may as well keep it up over there seeming as they don’t have bloody milk anyway!
    And even though I don’t feel much skinner this evening, I’ve lost 20.5K over the past 7 months. Which isn’t too damn bad at all.

  15. I know it’s a day early, but I’m in the mood. It’s Thurs 11 August – 2 days before our trip to Japan. I’ve been back to the diet guru, who pointed out that I lost half a kilo in weight, and gained half a kilo in muscle in 2 weeks. So I’m happy with that, and have to remember that the figure on the scale is not the b-all and end-all.
    Having said that, today I am 157.7, which is a great day for me – being under 72 indicates I’ve lost 10kg in 6 months. So I’ll keep at it, and realise that I’ll probably never eat sugar or starch again, as all I’ll have to do to maintain weight is exercise less. Hopefully when I’m 75.

  16. and one month on, one holiday later, I’m still the same weight. Right now though, I’m happy where I am. I have done everything I know I should’ve, and I am pretty confident I’ve put on a bit of muscle there – my pants are getting smaller even though the scales have stayed the same, so I’m good with that. This is why they tell people they should measure – but why should I tie myself up in knots over another tool that will fluctuate? I feel good, and I’m sticking with that!

  17. and another month on and a field EX, I’m 156.4. Not terribly happy with that, but hell, it’s down and that’s a start. Not feeling so good lately, but I doubt it’s got anything to do with diet or exercising – I’ll come good…

  18. Okay… this morning I was 156 neat, which means it’s moving again at last. I’m feeling better because I’m doing more, but have injured my knee. I will now need to get that looked at and make sure I don’t do anything to injure it further, while still maintaining my fitness and exercising to the best of my ability. I don’t wan’t the weight to go back on… and I’m concerned about it.

  19. Sat 22 Oct – rained overnight – it’s much cooler – tfft!

    Got on, weighed, got off. Once. 154.2. I think it’s right, although the scales have been dicking me around a lot. These new ones are more random than the old ones!

  20. Fri Nov 4th
    I’ve been logging my weight on my iPhone daily, and I know I’ve been doing all the right things, so I believe that it’s right at the moment at 154.0, although today I got everything from 69.7 (153.3) to 70.4 (154.9)… first measurement twice wins! No, I’m not fixated, I just like to check!
    It’s been fluctuating up and down, and I’ve had to watch my sugar and alcohol content, just so it doesn’t get the better of me. And I’ve never wanted a drink more in my life!

  21. oh my… I had no idea that it’d been so long since I actually logged my weight in here! I’ve been on the scales pretty much every day, but nothing seems to have been happening…

    Today is Fri Dec 22nd and weigh 68.6 (150.9)
    (68.6 on the ‘heavy’ scales, 68.3 on the friendly scales… it amuses me how they can be up to a kilo different 🙂
    So, while I thought nothing was happening, it’s still going down ever so slowly, which is what I want. A kilo in 6 weeks is perfectly alright for anyone else, it can be alright with me!

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  23. Okay. After Xmas, New Years, and two weeks back at work, I’m 68.0 (149.6) – which is sweet FA difference for the month. Not overly happy about it, but I’m determined to plug away at it, as it’s still going down, which is the main thing. Right?

  24. After one year… Today is Tuesday 7 Feb, and it’s 148.3 pounds.

    I have had gastro, and not done a thing for 2 weeks. I am going to try hard though to keep going with what I’ve started.

  25. 18 Mar 12
    After my bout with gastro, and eating like crap for 3 weeks on course, and too much the week we got back, I finally manned up and got on the scales this morning. I knew I’d put on weight, but didn’t want to know how much…

    Apparently I’m 151 pounds again. Which seems like HEAPS in pounds – and is just over a kilo.

    So it’s manageable. I hope. It’s the kick in the ass (and the encouragement at the same time!) I need to get going…

  26. I finally jumped on the scales – I’ve put on 3.63 kilos (to 72) – 8lbs in 2 and a half months. And I bet that was all in the 6 weeks too. Now I’ve got 6 weeks to get it off again :))

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